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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Script to migrate buster desktop to beowulf v1.6
tito via Dng said on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 22:03:02 +0200

>2) should non-free and contrib repos be added to sources.list
>    or should that be left to the user

I'm not sure whether my answer is responsive to your question or not,
but here goes...

I believe enough non-free and contrib stuff should be available at
install time (or boot time on a live CD/flash) that the user doesn't
need to put in additional media to get boot, network, video and sound
working. And I believe any non-free and contrib stuff should, by
default, be installed at install time, but before installation the user
should be given the option of opting out of this non-free/contrib
stuff, so if he/she only uses free software, he/she can maintain that
principle in the installation.

Stating it the inverse way, I HATE these installs that bomb because
there's no FSF-satisfying drivers, firmware or software to handle my new
laptop's weird hardware. And those distros that do that, their mailing
lists always say "well just put in a thumb drive with the
drivers/firmware!" How the KFDWOJMFOW do I know which drivers and
firmware? I think free software purist snobs drive more people back to
Windows than cleanse people of their non-free ways.


Steve Litt
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