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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-04-08
# Devuan meet 2021-04-08 @20:30 UTC

Present: LeePen, Xenguy, Tenkawa, Adam, Plasma41, fsmithred, AntoFox,
bgstack15, golinux

## Old Business

### Xenguy
* Things have gotten busy IRL. All my activity is on an 'as time
  permits' basis for the next wee while.
* **Unfinished business:** (general items I will roll forward from
  meeting to meeting until actioned) 1. Revise buster-to-beowulf
  documentation on web site?
  * buster-to-beowulf documentation also included on the ISOs?  Verify
    * (gl) I thought it was verified last week
      * (Xenguy) Probably was; I want to see it for myself : -)
    * An idea:  include a pointer/note on ISO doc to direct user to most
      recent documentation version on web site?
      * A better idea:  remove 'migration' documentation from the ISO's,
        as per fsmithred's rationale. 2. Web site magnet URL for
        downloading ISO's has been temporarily removed from the web site
        until I can do some more testing.
  * [ ] FSR says to search IRC logs for the most recent magnet link he
    mentioned, and that should do the trick.
  * ~~I will be looking at finding a more reliable method to generate a
    proper magnet link, and also testing said magnet link to actually
    download the ISO's.~~
  * ~~Thus far, the new magnet link results in a very slow download
    speed for me, so the torrent file appears to be a better option at
    the moment, for reasons unknown.~~ 3. IRC user xrogaan asked some
    questions regarding web site content related to the issue of 'How
    can I contribute to Devuan?'
  * Need to look closer into this issue generally.
  * Check the 'donate' and 'development' (and other?) pages for this
    kind of language.
  * Discovered that [one of our
    pages](https://www.devuan.org/os/community.html) already links to
    the Forum page on [How you can help
    * (gl) The [Donation](http://devuan.org/os/donate.html) and
      [Explore](https://www.devuan.org/os/explore.html) pages also link
      to the forum post

### adam
* devuan raspberry pi arm builds coming along nicely under an alpha
jenkins server for all RPi hardware models. Cross-compiled on Devuan
Beowulf on ARM for ARM RPI0-4 (for each ARM model/arch)

## Old Actions

### Bgstack15
* With Fsmithred's and LeePen's help, gtk3-automnemonics is now in the
Ceres repository!
* (Xenguy) Congrats to one and all!

### LeePen
* Updated procps in ceres.
* NMU'd openrc in Debian sid to fix
[#985509](https://bugs.debian.org/985509) which is forcing autoremoval
from bullseye. Still have to request unblock to migrate the new
version to bullseye.

## New Business

### Xenguy
* buster-to-beowulf migration documention:
  * Svante Signell [posted new
    on DNG mailing list.
  * Tito [also posted new
    on DNG mailing list.
    * **Question:** Has anyone tested these new instructions?
  * [ ]Need some note or disclaimer added to the current
    buster-to-beowulf documentation, as fsmithred reports the documented
    method is not working properly any longer.
    * Can we encourage interested parties to help find a method that
      works (and see Svante Signell and Tito's comments above)?
* [ ]bgstack15 inquired about getting sources.list coordinates for Ceres
  posted to https://www.devuan.org/os/packages
  * e.g.: deb http://deb.devuan.org/merged ceres main non-free contrib
  * (gl) This information is just above the Additional Repositories
    section on the /packages page of WWW.  Devuan ships with "free"
    software in the sources.list.  Adding those non-free repos is a user
    choice.  Presenting it this way makes that clear: > Note that all
    software shipped with Devuan in the main component is free software.
    But if needed, non-free    software is also available. Just add the
    non-free and contrib components to the appropriate line(s) in
      /etc/apt/sources.list like this: > > deb
    http://deb.devuan.org/merged beowulf main non-free contrib > The
    correct line to add for ceres would be deb
    http://deb.devuan.org/merged ceres main
* [ ]fsr advises linking arm-files.devuan.org from the [download
  page](https://devuan.org/get-devuan.html). (gl) Good idea

### AntoFox is it possible to build a mate desktop environment with
jenkins? since the earliest versions of devuan i have removed systemd
dependencies from every package, the desktop not have systemd dep. NB:
caja have a gvfs dependencies and gvfs have a systemd dep

## New Actions
* Add clarification to Maintainer's Guide wrt forking packages to remove