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Gun Group At Iowa State University Faces Backlash Over Event About
3D-Printed Weapons


Some Iowa State University students are upset at members of a student
organization for promoting an event about 3D-printed guns in the wake
of two mass shootings, one in Boulder, Colorado, and the other in
Atlanta, according to Ames Tribune.

A schoolwide email sent Tuesday by "Students for 2A" invited students
to learn about 3D-printed firearms. The email titled "Do you want to
learn about 3D-printed firearms? read:

    "Are you curious about 3D-printed firearms? Are you curious about
home gunsmithing at all? Are you looking for a new hobby? Join
Students for 2A on Monday, the 29th at 7 PM in Carver Hall room 305!
We will be presenting on the recent history and legality of homemade
firearms, talking about some 3D-printed projects we completed, talking
about how you can get started, and, most importantly, answering the
questions you have! This presentation has been a year in the making,
and if you are interested in firearms, it is not one you want to

Some students are upset with the pro-Second Amendment rights group,
whose email announcement of the event was poorly timed.

An open letter to administrators criticized the email's timing and had
more than 100 signatures, the Iowa State Daily reported.

The letter said members of Students for 2A "did not understand the
emotional intensity the events of the past week have taken on

    "The University should release a statement condemning the
timeliness, insensitivity, and potentially harmful and triggering
nature of the email," the letter said. "The student organization,
Students for 2A, should also release a statement acknowledging the
harm caused."

Iowa State spokesperson Angie Hunt said members of Students for 2A
followed university protocol in planning the event, adding that the
presentation is "not a demonstration of 3D printing or weapons."

    "While not everyone may support the topic, all students have the
right to gather and discuss issues that others may feel are
controversial or do not align with their values," Hunt said in a
statement. "We understand our students' concerns, and as a campus
community, we mourn with those who have lost loved ones in the recent
violent mass shooting tragedies in Boulder and Atlanta."

According to the Students for 2A's Iowa State website, the group has
45 members and is affiliated with the National Rifle Association.
Under "useful links," the group links to a website called CTRL+Pew,
which appears to be a database of 3D-printed weapons. Digging further
into CTRL+Pew, there is an entire library of weapons that anyone can
easily download and print.

The timing of the email by members of Students for 2A may have been a
little insensitive, considering most colleges are super liberal and
don't tolerate guns. What's more interesting is that younger
generations are intrigued by 3D printers and their ability to print

We noted last month that anyone can 3D print this weapon at home for under $350.