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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-03-25
# Devuan meet 2021-03-25 @20:30 UTC

Present: rrq. LeePen, amesser, tuxdev, alv, fsmithred, Xenguy, wdq,

## Old Business

### Xenguy
* Things have gotten busy IRL. All my activity is on an 'as time
  permits' basis for the next wee while.
* **Unfinished business:** (general items I will roll forward from
  meeting to meeting until actioned)
  * Revise buster-to-beowulf documentation on web site?
    * [x] chillfan has been emailed a second time, using additional
      email addresses found in the 'documentation' repo.
      * Edit: 5 of 7 email addresses bounced back as 'Recipient address
    * buster-to-beowulf documentation also included on the ISOs?  Verify
      * (gl) I thought it was verified last week
        * (Xenguy) Probably was; I want to see it for myself : -)
      * An idea:  include a pointer/note on ISO doc to direct user to
        most recent documentation version on web site?
        * A better idea:  remove 'migration' documentation from the
          ISO's, as per fsmithred's rationale.
  * An IRC user (xrogaan I believe) asked some questions regarding web
    site content related to the issue of 'How can I contribute to
    * Need to look closer into this issue generally.
    * Check the 'donate' and 'development' (and other?) pages for this
      kind of language.
    * Discovered that [one of our
      pages](https://www.devuan.org/os/community.html) already links to
      the Forum page on [How you can help
      * (gl) The [Donation](http://devuan.org/os/donate.html) and
        [Explore](https://www.devuan.org/os/explore.html) pages also
        link to the forum post

## Old Actions

## New Business

### tuxd3v
* Add support for Cypress Bluetooth devices, in **bluez** package..
  Cypress devices will use the userspace driver for Broadcom devices
  (for historical reasons..)
  * (LeePen) bluez is not a forked package, so this should really go to
    Debian for inclusion.
* Bluetooth support had being discovered that try to load firmware from
  ''/etc/firmware' Instead of '/lib/firmware' for devices
  'Qualcomm,Texas Instrument, Broadcomm' in package **bluez**.

### Xenguy
* [x] Modified web site beowulf numbering from 3.1.0 to 3.1, where
  appropriate, to reduce maintenance churn when new ISO's are released.
  * For details, see
* [x] Tested subscribing to the DNG mailing list (as there were reports
  that this was broken).  After receiving an email requesting
  confirmation, a final email confirming my subscription was received.
* Web site access via Tor:
  * A user contacted Devuan via Gitea's 'Issues' mechanism in the 'www'
    repo, saying he cannot reach [Devuan's web site via
    Tor/onion](http://devuanzuwu3xoqwp.onion).  I tried accessing this
    URL with Tor Browser over the last few days, and it just times out,
    so it does appear to be down currently.
  * It looks like we have 4 different web pages on the site that
    currently contain language referencing Tor services, configurations,
    etc.: 1.  https://www.devuan.org/ 2.
    4.  https://www.devuan.org/os/packages.html
  * Debian appears to be the main linux distro offering web site and
    package repository access via an onion/Tor service:
    * Debian:  http://sejnfjrq6szgca7v.onion/ (since 2016)
      * See also https://onion.debian.org/
      * See also
  * Other linux related sites offering Tor access:
    * Tails
    * Whonix
    * Qubes
  * **Questions**:
    * **Does Devuan even want to maintain a Tor instance?**
      * (gl) Yes. It is important to some users.  I don't think it needs
        "maintenance".  It just gets cranky at times.
        * (Xenguy) Gonna have to go ahead and disagree.  Devuan's Tor
          instance is broken, and needs fixing if we want to keep it
      * (yeti) AFAIK if the original web server works, you just add a
        hidden service definition for those ports (80, 443) in Tor's
        config file and that's all.  If that combination has hiccups, it
        either is a problem with your webserver or out of your reach.
        But currently (20210325-1234-UTC) (http: and https:)
        devuanzuwu3xoqwp.onion are timeouting for me.  Network/firewall
    * **If yes, is there anyone on the team who can fix/admin the Tor
      * (gl) The question is: "Is there anything to fix or is it just
        the way tor functions (or doesn't)"
        * (Xenguy) Yes, and no.
  * (yeti) Please generate an additional V3 address:
    https://blog.torproject.org/v2-deprecation-timeline The short V2
    addresses will stop being supported in october.
    *  (Xenguy) Understood.

### fsmithred
  * Need to make a new set of live isos. Build process pulled in things
    from beowulf-proposed-updates merged instead of devuan. Can't
    install packages. https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=4214
    * (Xenguy) When I checked last week, there was just 3.1.1 ISO's,
      labelled 'RC', available to download and install.  Is there a best
      practice when offering new RC ISO's, e.g. should Devuan make
      available a previous 'last known good' version of ISO's also?
      Just a question that came to mind.

### golinux
* Finished recoloring the gnome icons for chimaera. Have passed to fsr
for packaging and magic in desktop base. Screenie here:

### LeePen
* amprolla by-hash enabled for all suites.
* eudev 3.2.9-9 built for beowulf-proposed-updates.

### amesser
* [x] devuanized `apt 2.2.2`
* [x] devuanized `libvirt 7.0.0-3`

## New Actions

### tuxd3v
* Tested on RaspberryPi devices with help from C0rnelious,Tenkawa A
  patch in needed in 'debian/patchs' folder in package **bluez**,and
  then build the package for all archs, it brings support for Cypress
  Bluetooth devices..
  * This patch gives support for Bluetooth Cypress chipsets:
    * RPi 0w  - CYW43143 - 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth - BCM43143
    * RPi 3a+ - CYW43455 - 802.11ac, Bluetooth     - BCM43455
    * RPi 3b+ - CYW43438 - 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth - BCM43438
    * RPi 4b  - CYW43455 - 802.11ac, Bluetooth     - BCM43455 They are
      present in a lot of computers and sticks, at least, and also in
      RaspBerryPi devices..
  *  see patch here: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/5db8e178/
  *  Name of the patch: **cypress_bluetooth_broadcomm.patch** tar -tvf
    bluez_5.55-3.debian.tar.xz |grep cypress_bluetooth_broadcomm.patch
  *rw-r--r-- root/root      3221 2021-03-24 15:28
    debian/patches/cypress_bluetooth_broadcomm.patch It also correct
    FIRMWARE_DIR( dir to load firmware from.. ), but only for Broadcomm
  * Actions taken: 1. A merge request was open on salsa.debian.com:
    https://salsa.debian.org/tuxd3v/bluez/-/tree/master However, that
    will take probably Years to come to beowulf.. 2. Email request to
    accept patch to:team+pkg-bluetooth@??? 3. Email
    requesting review of patch sent to: majordomo@??? 4.
    Email requesting review of patch sent to:
* Discovered while producing a patch to add support for Cypress devices
  in **bluez**.. It has hardcoded '/etc/firmware' as path to load
  Firmware, how to check: 'apt-get source bluez', sub-dir 'tools'
  * grep -rnEi "(/etc/firmware|FIRMWARE_DIR)" ./* --color
     * ./tools/hciattach_tialt.c:237:        sprintf(fw,
"/etc/firmware/%s.bin", c_brf_chip[brf_chip]);
     * ./tools/hciattach_qualcomm.c:238:    snprintf(fw, sizeof(fw),
     * ./tools/hciattach_bcm43xx.c:47:#define FIRMWARE_DIR "/etc/firmware"
  * Action taken: 1. Email sent to:
    team+pkg-bluetooth@???, asking why firmware is loaded
    from /etc..