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Author: tempforever
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Dng Subscription results
Lars Noodén via Dng wrote:
> I am trying to subscribe a different account so I can unsubscribe this
> one. However, when submitting the new address to the web form [1], I
> get the following error and apparently no action towards subscription:
> Dng Subscription results
> Invalid captcha: invalid-input-response

Things to check:
- browser plugins (especially ones like requestpolicy, noscript, adblock)
- network/dns settings (pihole, /etc/hosts)

I frequently have this issue, but it's due to my browser plugins.  I do
not allow access to google.com by default, only on "special occasions"

If you dont'see the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, something is preventing
your browser from reaching google.com

Hope this helps.

I did very recently go through and change my own email address on this
list, but I did it a different way.  Rather than adding a new address
and removing the old, it is possible to replace the email address at

There should be a link in the original "Welcome to dng" email, if you've
still got it.  This welcome email will also contain the password you
need to change your mailing list settings.