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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] rm not freeing space
Subject: Re: [DNG] rm not freeing space (SOLVED)
On 3/19/21 8:31 PM, tempforever via Dng wrote:
> To find files last modified in January:
> (adjust the dates as needed; on Mar. 19 this should locate files dated
> Jan 1 - 31 but it could be off a day or so)
> cd /media/archives
> find -type f -mtime -78 -mtime +46 -ls

Thank you!

That found the files.  They were in a hidden directory
'/media/archives/.Trash-0'.  I had seen this before and I really thought
that I had checked this directory.  Possibly, I checked it as myself and
not as root.  That would have given me a 'permissions denied' error. 
Although I would normally try again as root, perhaps I missed that step.

I have seen posts that suggest this directory is created when deleting
files with a file manager, not from the command line. Even so, despite
the fact that I usually do my file management from the command line that
is not always the case, it seems odd that this is the ONLY such
directory that I can find anywhere in my directory tree.  If I look at
'Trash' in my file manager (caja) it shows some other files, but not the
ones in question.

In any case, deleting the files under '/media/archive/.Trash-0/files'
and '/media/archive/.Trash-0/info' freed up about 618 GB of space (some
files when back to October). Now, '/media/archives' is about 46% used,
instead of 84%, and I am much happier.

Thank you to all who have responded to my request for help.  We can now
put this issue to rest.