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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-03-18
# Devuan meet 2021-03-18 @20:30 UTC

Present: plasma41, rrq, golinux, LeePen, Xenguy, amesser, bgstack15

## Old Business

### mason
* https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=975075 went the
wrong way, and is closed now. Extra packages for init scripts is

### Xenguy
* Things have gotten busy IRL. All my activity is on an 'as time
permits' basis for the next wee while.
* Unfinished business: (general items I will roll forward from meeting
to meeting until actioned)
* Revise buster-to-beowulf documentation?
* Email chillfan a second time using additional/new email addresses.

## Old Actions

### onefang
* Any progress on those mailing list issues raised at the last meeting?
  * (gl) Not on the registration issues. Have you tried emailing Evilham
    and/or jaromil?

## New Business

### LeePen
* Amprolla updated to support [apt acquire
Deployed for unstable initially.
* Updated packages in ceres: apt (thanks amesser)

### amesser
* tomcat9 vs. orphaned-init-scripts, will go with devuanized tomcat9

### golinux
* There is a user running slim on chimaera.  I thought that wouldn't
  work.  I really, REALLY would like to keep using slim.
* Significant color difference between desktop and browser(s) rendering
  of chimaera screenshots on d1g.  What's up with that? Had me in a
  panic last night as I was trying to finalize the chimaera theme.
  * (fsr) I confirmed that colors don't show up the same in different
    applications. Open a pic in gimp or feh, and the color picker gets
    the right hex. Open it in firefox or geeqie and it gets the wrong
    hex. (run yad --color)
    * (gl) fwiw, yad --color uses an interface indentical to the old
      gcolor2 that I use except that it does not have the ability to
      save and log colors that can be referenced over different
      sessions. It identifies the hexes correctly.

### Xenguy
* Modified language that mason had flagged on
  [keyring.html](https://beta.devuan.org/os/keyring.html) page ~~(still
  have to publish this Live)~~.
* Pending new ISO's will renumber from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1
  * Web site beowulf numbering will likely need to be revised (e.g.
    perhaps modify web site from 3.1.0 to 3.1)
* An IRC user (xrogaan I think) asked some questions regarding web site
  content related to the issue of 'How can I contribute to Devuan?'
  * Need to look closer into this issue generally.
  * Check the 'donate' and 'development' (and other?) pages for this
    kind of language.
* ISO docs update:
  * buster-to-beowulf documentation included on the ISOs:  verify this.
    * An idea:  include a pointer/note on ISO doc to direct user to most
      recent documentation version on web site?

### rrq
* beowulf 3.1.1 isos are ready to be published. Question: keep/replace
  previous? currently 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 are published.
  * (Xenguy) Question: Can the ISO's go Live before the web site is
    updated?  Put differently, is it acceptable for the web site to
    'catch up' with the ISO release, instead of going in parallel?

## New Actions

### amesser
* have libvirt updated

### bgstack15
* will catch up with LeePen about getting the first attempt of
gtk3-automnemonics into Ceres
* (Xenguy) bringing back mnemonics to gtk3 is a good idea!