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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-03-11
# Devuan meet 2021-03-11 @20:30 UTC

Present: Xenguy, Adam, plasma41, rrq, golinux, LeePen, bgstack15, mason,
Rick Moen

###### onefang
* I wont be able to make it, even though stuff involving me is on the
agenda. Early morning inspection tomorrow.

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### golinux
* onefang . . . did you ever get access to the mirrors@??? list
  that's mentioned in
  https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/devuan_mirror_walkthrough.txt ? obeardly
  is putting together a package mirror and I'm wondering how that should
  be officially implemented. Oh, clarification from obeardly that you've
  already communicated in Jan. I remember you asking questions about the
  list back then.
  * (onefang) mirrors@??? is an ordinary email address that I
    have access to already. It's the devuan-mirrors@???
    mailing list I need admin access to that I keep asking about.  So I
    can just add and remove mirror admins to it myself, rather than
    begging it get done for me.
* jaromil . . . 2 users have reported being unable to register on DNG
  mailman mailing list in the past 2 days.  Sent you an email if you
  haven't seen it already.
  * (adam) will check mailman issue with Jaromil

### LeePen
* parazyd's mips64 hardware arriving next week. Plan to add arch to
ceres and chimaera.
* Updated pacakges in ceres: choose-mirror, main-menu, reportbug, dbus,
elogind (fix [#563](https://bugs.devuan.org/563)), openvpn
* Please review [#566](https://bugs.devuan.org/566). I think it is
spurious although I don't know where the old jenkins instance running
on (with reverse DNS to ci.devuan.org) comes from. Is it
the old dyne infra instance? (rrq) yes, that would be nextime's host.
* amprolla should generate the index files

### fsmithred
* 3.1.0 install isos put beowulf-proposed-updates in the installed
  system's sources.list (rrq) ... calls for a 3.1.1 without that
* apt in ceres has been behind sid for a couple weeks. Does this get a
  bug report or is there another way the maintainer is notified?
  * (LeePen) bug report is probably best. Haven't seen amesser on irc
    for a while.
    * (plasma41) It's been almost 3 weeks since I last saw him online

### Xenguy
* Emailed Chillfan re: possible modification of his buster-to-beowulf
  * Edit:  Both email addresses I tried bounced back an 'Address does
    not exist' message.
* Chatted with mason, golinux, and rrq re: mason's suggested edit for
  the 'keyring' page.

## New Actions

### onefang
* Once I have admin access to the devuan-mirrors@??? mailing
  list I will try to get everyone to fix up all errors and warnings that
  apt-panopticon keeps complaining about.  There are some that are
  common among a bunch of the mirrors, so I'd rather speak with all of
  them at once, rather than individual emails.  This is what the list is
  for.  But first I have to curate the mailing list membership to make
  sure everyone is on it that should be on it.
  * (adam) to ping jarmoil over both this week's mailing list issues
  * (Xenguy) Is this mailing list intended to address package mirrors
    only, or ISO mirrors also?
    * (gl) package mirrors
* (golinux) - Remember that US will be moving to DST next meet so please
  adjust accordingly.