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Author: eric
To: libbitcoin
Subject: [Libbitcoin] Visual Studio 2013 support, request for comments
We are considering dropping support for VS2013. Support for VC++11 in VS2013
is only available through a community technology preview (CTP) add-on to
VC++, and there are a couple things we must do in the source to accommodate
unsupported C++11 features. It's not a huge problem, but it would speed up
development and testing, especially given the present need to add VS2019.

We are looking for anyone with current hard dependencies on VS2013. Please
respond here or contact me directly.

If there are no material issues raised before March 1, support will be

This means that the VS2013 solution and project files will no longer be
generated, automated continuous integration testing will no longer be
provided, and future source code will no longer be compatible with (work
around) VS2013+CTP C++11 limitations.