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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-02-11
# Devuan meet 2021-02-11 @20:30 UTC

Present: alv, plasma41, Rick Moen, Xenguy, LeePen, golinux, rrq, Adam,
mason, bgstack15, jaromil

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### rrq
* isos RC4 outm
* amprolla logs prettifying filter e.g:

### mason
* A consistent bit of confusion, especially for folks coming from
  Debian, is that we have our "product" in /merged, with /devuan being a
  view into the sausage making process. Something to consider would be
  making /devuan an alias to /merged and using another name for /devuan.
  Ideas: /overlay, /debianfork, /devuanoverlay, etc. The win would be
  users randomly assuming /devuan based on the model Debian presents,
  which happens in the field quite often.
  * (bgstack15) While this sounds great, it should have been done in the
    past. We have the inertia of three releases using /merged and
    /devuan, and I would hate to make the documentation even more
    complex by saying, "If you're at Chimaera and newer, use /devuan,
    but if you're running Beowulf or older, use /merged."
  * (gl) It might not be ideal but it's what we have. Just remember the
    confusion that was generated over the changes in the urls to
    packages as that was restructured.
  * (onefang) We still have plenty of support requests for ancient
    things like CC mirrors and other deprecated and no longer existing
    package repo names.  I would suspect more often than not users just
    stick with whatever the installer put in sources.list, which is
    likely why we have these support issues for the old way of doing
    things.  Changing things yet again just adds to the support
  * (mason) Result of discussion: don't implement this.
* IRC stuff
  * parazyd added ops bits
    * to #devuan, #devuan-www, #devuan-dev, #devuan-offtopic,
    * for plasma41, LeePen, rrq, fsmithred, bgstack15, golinux, mason
  * Ban trackers: these will automatically remove bans after a
    configurable time, which can be further configured for individual
    banned/quieted folk.
    * https://github.com/freenode/eir
    * https://github.com/ncoevoet/ChanTracker
    * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots/Spec/Bantracker
    * My current favourite is Chantracker for ease of banning/quieting.
      Regardless of which we adopt (if any), we could run one ourselves,
      or we could use the official Freenode eir (but no quieting) or a
      Freenode-staffer-run ChanTracker.
    * (mason) Result of discussion: don't implement any of these as yet.
  * Suggestion: Simple, explicit policy. No sexist/racist/hassassing
    commentary, and keep offtopic chatter on #devuan-offtopic
    * (gl) for reference though not for quite the same environment:
      * (mason) I like that wording.

### LeePen
* Updated beowulf debian-installer (mini isos) after Debian 10.8 release
and kernel ABI bump.

### Xenguy
* 404 page comic/image now removed.
* Point release:
  * 7 existing web site pages to be updated (using a separate local git
    branch currently).  5 of 7 pages are currently committed locally on
    that branch.
  * 1 new page '3.1.0 Beowulf Point Release Announcement' needs to be
    created, judging by existing announcement links on this page:
  * Will copy the 'ASCII Point Release Announcement' page to a new page,
    and update the content to reference Beowulf as best I can.  Will
    then ask golinux and fsmithred, and any others in #devuan-www who
    are interested, to review the page content before finalizing the

### golinux
* Theme in final review. Did grub last night. Will check later today
and if OK will pass to fsr to put in desktop-base.

### adam
* taking on regular arm-building, looking at jenkins for regular
building trial at first starting builds produced through c0rnelius
project rpi-image-builder https://github.com/pyavitz/rpi-img-builder,
but not of course forgetting Danilo's work on stage-builder
https://gitea.devuan.org/Dyne/stage-builder. I'm happy to trial this
on a personal jenkins instance, but as it settles, look to a Devuan
building resource.

## New Actions

### mason
* Find overlap between repos - example, pkginfo nginx config duplication
* Then, robots.txt where useful (we already have some)
* Create point release. Release on Valentine's Day?