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Author: Samuli Airaksinen
To: Mark Hindley, 543
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#543: DAEMON_ARGS in /etc/init.d/salt-minion prevents salt-minion startup
On 2/3/21 7:44 PM, Mark Hindley wrote:
> Actually, I should have looked first. AFAICS, it is present in the
> salt-minion_2018.3.4+dfsg1-6+deb10u2_all.deb initscript at line 18.

Apologies, so it seems. I only looked at the systemd service files and
didn't realize there is /etc/init.d/salt-minion in the Debian version as

Please close this bug as WONTFIX or similar. At least someone may find
this later and get the tip they need to get salt-minion running in their

Again, thanks and apologies.