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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-01-28
# Devuan meet 2021-01-28 @20:30 UTC

Present: alv, jaromil, Adam, golinux, mason, fsmithred, plasma41,
Xenguy, rrq, LeePen (not all capped)

## Old Business

### fsmithred
  * I think 3.1.0 release notes are done:
    * (plasma41) 'Boot menu says "Debian" instead of "Devuan"' - I
      thought we decided to go the other way on this. Did I
      misunderstand or misremember?  (fsr) I'll adjust it.
  * Speech synth netinstall worked 100% OOTB! (Jan 22 iso)

### Xenguy
**404 image license issue:**
* No email reply received, so ditching that idea.
* This issue is not pressing, so it may be advisable to defer it until
  after the point release is accomplished.
* Both abandoning the image, and keeping it, are perfectly feasible I
* Perhaps the most relevant question for Devuan as a project is:
  * Is there a risk of any negative impact if the web site continues to
    contain one image that is not licensed under a free software
* (plasma41) Let's just replace the 404 page with an invocation of
  'fortune bofh-excuses'. :-P (requires 'fortune-mod' and
  'fortunes-bofh-excuses' be installed)
  * (Xenguy) Alright, looking that up tonight 8 -D

### rrq
* found out (thanks Jjp137) that the iso pool(s) are not filled as per
the packaging list(s) i.e. needs rebuild after debugging.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### fsmithred
* Need help with packaging chimaera Deepsea theme. gpb buildpackage
  gives errors. Also need to move it to devuan/ from personal. I forget
  how to do that.
* error message (repeated for 60 files): dpkg-source: error: cannot
  represent change to gtk-3.0/img/checkbox-checked-hover.png: binary
  file contents changed dpkg-source: error: add
  gtk-3.0/img/checkbox-checked-hover.png in
  debian/source/include-binaries if you want to store the modified
  binary in the debian tarball
  * (bgstack15) You probably need to rebuild the source tarball. I like
    to use the following:

    ( cd .. ; rm -f packagename_1.2.3.orig.tar.gz ; tar -zcf
packagename_1.2.3.orig.tar.gz --exclude 'debian' --exclude '.git*'
packagename-1.2.3 ; )

* (fsr) This patch needs to be updated for Deepsea theme. This is

### golinux
* "Deepsea" wallpapers are now available.  Still tweaking some of the
  graphices in the theme but should be ready soon.
* wallpapers are here:
* Lars was asking about licensing for devuan wallpapers.  IMO only the
  official default theme(s) should be included in the repositories. I
  encouraged him to put them in git and also to start a thread for
  "Devuan wallpapers" on d1g which I could sticky.
  * (fsr) Are you saying, for example that the cinnabar theme should not
    be available in chimaera?
    * Of course not.  darkpurpy and cinnabar should still be available.
      I also converted jessie purpy to the newer CP some years ago.
      Language corrected above.

### LeePen
* Have a working solution to amprolla's logging problems. Still testing.
Hope to deploy in a few days.
* Updated pacakges in ceres: colord, apt (thanks amesser), gpsd (thanks
bbonev), 389-ds-base (thanks bgstack25)

### Xenguy
* Created a new local git branch to house the upcoming point release
changes to the web site.
* I hope to have these changes finalized in the next couple of days.

### mason
* Question: Infrastructure maintenance time?
  * I'm specifically curious about whether I should or shouldn't update
    the future wiki box for things outside of the wiki.

### adam
* caught c0rnelius on #devuan-arm: [14:35] <adam_free2air> hi. i'm
interested in the build process for the devuan RPi images at
http://arm-files.devuan.org/ @tuxd3v has built these? is @tuxd3v
still about on this channel? thnx. [14:54] <adam_free2air> if anyone
knows a bit more about the built images on
https://arm-files.devuan.org please get in contact. not always online
but drop me a quick email at adam@??? [15:20] <c0rnelius>
adam_free2air: not sure of his process but can also be done here:
https://github.com/pyavitz/rpi-img-builder [15:22] <c0rnelius>
armel/armhf/aarch64 both supported although with armhf you're on your
own with further support beyond the build.
* and finally caught up with tuxd3v: [16:38] <adam_free2air> hi. nice to
see you online. can i ask you what the build process for the images at
http://arm-files.devuan.org/ was? looking at making a ci host for
regularly updated devuan arm images (in particular RPi*'s). [18:18]
<tuxd3v> they were built with: [18:18] <tuxd3v>
https://gitea.devuan.org/tuxd3v/edev1 [18:53] <tuxd3v> yeah rpi's
doesn't have much support unfortunatly.. [18:54] <tuxd3v> It would be
nice to have images for several rpi's [18:54] <tuxd3v> We only have
images for rpi1, and rpi2(this one being an ascii image..) [19:34]
<adam_free2air> hey. thanks for the link. ah. never heard of that
tool. so many different built scripts and x-chain systems.
* built armel, (armhf coming soon) & arm64 with rpi-img-builder

## New Actions