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Author: grarpamp
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Blackstone bought Ancestry, and its trove of DNA, for $4.7B
On 12/25/20, psy <epsylon@???> wrote:
> "Blackstone, which says it will not have access to people's data,

Lol. As owner they can do and change whatever they want.

More fun quotes...

"We will not be sharing user DNA and family tree records with our
portfolio companies."

How many weasel words and holes can you count in that statement?

“Ancestry’s terms and conditions and privacy statement..."

Then go read their "privacy policy" and do the same analysis.

"Ultimately, the multi-billion dollar trading of Ancestry between
investment companies is another reminder that when you hand over your
DNA, you never know who might eventually own it."

People are fucking stupid.
And they're dragging you into their databases with them.

Their curiosity kills both their and your cat.