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Author: Rob van Kranenburg
To: Bricolabs
Old-Topics: [devuan-dev] Announcing the First Devuan Conference in Amsterdam
Subject: [Bricolabs] Best wishes

Well, journeys continue. We have been here for quite some time.
I wrote a text for Christmas:
https://www.gonewsindia.com/latest-news/news-and-politics/rob-van-kranenburg-an-excess-of-stillness-is-the-cause-of-civil-war-21495 <https://www.gonewsindia.com/latest-news/news-and-politics/rob-van-kranenburg-an-excess-of-stillness-is-the-cause-of-civil-war-21495>
And found a nice bunch:
http://theshifters.eu/ <http://theshifters.eu/>
I think they will take up the words and grow into a good movement,

Wishing you all a festive, excessive 2021! Rob