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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-11-19
# Devuan meet 2020-11-19 @20:30 UTC

Present: golinux, adam, mason, fsr, danyspin97, antofox, LeePen,
jaromil, rrq, bgstack15

## Old Business

## Old Actions

### mason
* lurc (Luminously Unparalleled Repository Coalescer) in progress.
  * design doc at
  * code coming together - not quite ready for me to share, as I want
    the first version people to see to have all desired functionality.
    (I also have a couple functions in the code that need to sneak into
    the SDD.)
  * Question: What would constitute useful logging?
    * My initial thought: Only log the start of operations and
  * (gl) Mason, this was my intro to perl and my only contact with the
    language.  Not relevant to your project but quite entertaining::
    * (mason) That is a cherished classic. That said, while the talk is
      quite funny, it's worth reading why it's all largely bunk:
      * Looks like we have a "perl monk" in out midst! LOL!

## New Business

### LeePen
* DAK required unplanned upgrade. Working again. Up to date with respect
  to Debian. Now running python3.
* Important Debian tech-ctte bug opened
  ([#975075](https://bugs.debian.org/975075)) challenging
  network-manager initscript removal. Outcome could have much wider
  ranging implications.
  * (mason) I thought the most recent GR implied that that wouldn't
    happen. Did I misunderstand?
* elogind 246.0~rc2 built for experimental. Working with no issues
* eudev_3.2.9-8~beowulf1 built for beowulf-proposed-updates.
* amesser is preparing tomcat9 for beowulf-proposed-updates.

### danyspin97 Hey there!
* (gl) Wondeful to see you! Introducing a WIP init and service manager:

## New Actions