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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] Configuring cron and exim4 to send e-mail after running cronjob
Subject: [DNG] (SOLVED _ I hope) Configuring cron and exim4 to send e-mail after running cronjob

On 11/15/20 6:40 PM, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> On 11/15/20 5:00 AM, Marjorie Roome via Dng wrote:
>> If this is a cron job running on your local machine then rather than
>> having to fully comnfigure your MTA to send acceptable emails to gmail
>> (i.e. static ip, spf, dkim, etcetera) it would be simpler to enable
>> local delivery to your local email account. You can then just read this
>> by setting up an account in Thunderbird (it's a mbox file so use the
>> spool option) and it will remain segregated from your gmail.
> I came to this conclusion, too, but, so far, have been unable to get
> local delivery working, either.  I have tried running 'maIl marc' then
> filled in subject and body, then ended with CTL-D.  Is CTL-D the
> correct way to end the message and send the e-mail?  Is there
> something else that I need to do to actually send the message?   It
> may be that the various things that I have tried have borked local
> delivery.  What should I have installed and how should it be
> configured to deliver mail to my local user?
> Clearly, I am doing something wrong, I just don't know what.

My current guess is that, in trying to get exim4 to do what I originally
thought I needed it to do, I managed to get it to grab any e-mails sent
through 'mail' and then fail when attempting to send them.  I
reconfigured exim to send local mail only, taking the defaults, and
local mail now seems to be working.  Messages sent through 'mail' are
now showing up in my Thunderbird Inbox for mail to me on localhost.

Now, I just need to put in a cron job to run in a few minutes, so that I
can see that it sends the e-mail and I get it, as expected.

Thanks to everyone who replied.