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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-11-12
# Devuan meet 2020-11-12 @20:30 UTC

Present: golinux, rrq, mason, and many more!

## Old Business

### rrq
* upgraded all VMs to beowulf. All went smoothly, ~ 1/2 hour for each.
  (there was a longer ci story with potentially some interest to some)
  * (onefang) Could this be the reason two of the three apt-panopticons
    keep getting timeouts from pkgmaster for the last few days?  Borta
    and sledjhamr get timeouts, veritas doesn't. (rrq) prolly
* the time service is now consolidated as an ntp sub system; VMs pick up
  time from their hosting node, which pick up from
* the DNS lookup service for the VM's is consolidated via dqcache
  (recursive cacher) on the nodes

## Old Actions

## New Business

### rrq
* upgrade ganeti to 2.16 ... all nodes "concurrently"
* migrate all VM partitions to "raw" (rather than lvm) to simplify
  "emergency access"
* move out sshguard fence to the nodes, but with integrated "baddie
  analysis" from VMs must allow some "search spiders".
  * (gl) Should we start providing CC?
  * (onefang) CC is awaiting me pulling my finger out and updating
    apt-panopticon to drive which mirrors are in the DNS-RR, since it
    can also drive which mirrors respond to which CC names using the
    same code.  It's almost there, but other things cropped up for the
    last couple of months to keep me busy.

### LeePen
* eudev 3.2.9-8 has migrated to chimaera. Are we happy the boot race
[#483](https://bugs.devuan.org/483) is fixed and there are no
regressions? Build it for beowulf-proposed-updates? (fsr) making
test iso now
* Upstream elogind 246.0 rc0 just tagged. Will build for experimental
initially, although there is a problem with forking at startup at the

### fsmithred
* pkginfo does not show ssmtp in chimaera even though it's in the repo.
What else is missing?

### golinux
* topic for #devuan-www needs updating

## New Actions
* will ask parazyd to unpdate irc channel topics DONE!
* add rfkill and eject to isos
* elogind testing
* work on 3.1