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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] HPLIP issues
Has anyone managed to get HPLIP isnstalled and fully running on Beowulf?

hp-info works, with a gui interface.

hp-levels works on the command-line from a terminal.

hp-testpage brings up a gui and prints the testpage from there.

hp-toolbox is missing its soft link to /usr/share/hplip/toolbox.py. 
When I create the link and try to run it, I get the following output:


HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 3.18.12)
HP Device Manager ver. 15.0

Copyright (c) 2001-15 HP Development Company, LP
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to distribute it
under certain conditions. See COPYING file for more details.

error: Unable to load DBus libraries. Please check your installation and
try again.
error: Please upgrade your python installation to the latest available


I have Python v3.7 installed, which should be fine since the script
calls for python3 (which links to python3.7 on my machine).  I don't
know what it wants installed as far as DBus is concerned.

Primarily, what I need is to check ink levels and general status, and
that does work from the command line, but it would be more convenient if
hp-toolbox worked, giving me GUI access to all of its functionality.

Any help will be appreciated.