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Author: Trek
To: 224, Stephane Ascoet
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#224: This isn't an answer
On Mon, 2 Nov 2020 10:54:13 +0100
Stephane Ascoet <stephane.ascoet@???> wrote:

> Hi, If I'm not wrong, updating only the documentation doesn't solve
> the main concern of this bug witch is a brokening-scripts-change in
> "free" output

I think you should report this backward-incompatible change to the
upstream developers, as the devuan version of the free command comes
unmodified from the procps package


the change was made 6 years ago, in 3 commits, which removed the -o
option and renamed -a to -w, in addition to a different output format


as the procps backward-compatibility actually is not guaranteed, may be
it's better to read directly the /proc/meminfo file, as it would not
change in future releases