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Author: Mason Loring Bliss
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-10-29 (real)
Please note, last week 2020-10-29 notes came out for 2020-10-22. They were
only pretending to be 2020-10-29. Here's the real thing:

# Devuan meet 2020-10-29 @20:30 UTC

Present: LeePen, golinux, Adam, rrq, mason, jaromil, beer, fsmithred

## Old Business

### rrq
* devuan.net needs secondary poc currently has mail.rosset.net as mx -->
  mx.devuan.org SOA admin email
  * (Beer) I only did so because last week's talks were tedious and
    creating a relay virtual address seemed complicated on Devuan's
    side. I hence decided to create such a relay address on my server.
    My MTA is not meant to be used on the long run. Waiting for Devuan
    to provide the email infrastructure, and I would gladly use any MTA
    you indicate to me. `hostmaster@???` used for technical
    * (mason) role accounts expanding to lists? no need for second level
      domains to have contacts @ themselves. Also, primary and secondary
      for the domain can also point into devuan.org. There are lots of
    * (mason) might be useful to have devuan.org mail server list
      devuan.net as explicitly local - part of "mydestination =" for
      Postfix, for instance.
* packages.devuan.org should be changed to offer pkgmaster repo (?) both
  virtual service and ssl cert
* auto.mirror.devuan.org removed (?)
* amprolla kind of works but needs "real" fixing
  * (gl) I have emailed Evilham twice in the past weeks asking him to
    contact you. I hope he is OK.
  * (mason) I hope/intend to rewrite it from scratch. Been waiting until
    the wiki is done, but maybe I flip priorities. Certainly working on
    code will be more pleasant than working though various wiki packages
    in different states of disrepair. If folks don't object to my
    putting the wiki work on hold, I'll start this. I don't think I can
    keep both in focus at once.
    * (mason) will dive in - will do it in Perl 5 - will strive for a
      very simple architecture - will explicitly avoid multithreading

### mason
* wiki hasn't had attention since last report, beyond my moving back to
  TWiki or Foswiki for evaluation. My personal need for the software is
  helping drive the effort.
  * Reasoning: We don't want authentication and ACLs as a separate
    package as this will potentially be problematic when updating. Also,
    I learned that the .htpasswd errors I was seeing in round 1 with
    these guys are because they use it independently of Apache, where I
    had initially assumed it was undocumented/hardcoded Apache
* Opened https://github.com/OpenRC/openrc/issues/383 - #devuan IRC user
  was trying to run PulseAudio under OpenRC, and it turns out that
  OpenRC run-as-user functionality is broken. Fix noted in upstream bug
  system - wanted to give the user a chance to do so himself. This would
  be a fork if we want to fix it as we ship OpenRC. I haven't looked at
  submitting a Debian bug as yet.
    -> follow-up, OpenRC ships its own start-stop-daemon, so this is
           more a packaging error in the Debian package we inherit

### Jaromil mx at dyne aliases devuan.net now to: hostmaster@??? ->
jaromil, ralph info@??? -> freedom@??? anyone else willing to monitor
these mail endpoints? for dns admin have a look at

## Old Actions

## New Business

### Beer
* I changed `devuan.net`'s' `NS` records to:
  * `ns2.devuan.dev`
  * `ns3.devuan.net`
* Credentials for the Technical Contact's account of `devuan.net` have
  been shared with:
  * jaromil
  * rrq This account is associated with hostmaster@???, which is
    normally now delivering email as a relay inside the MTA pointed to
    by the `MX` record of the new zone files. Devuan's infra people:
    have fun :o) (& I could help whenever you like...)

### fsmithred
  * ITP live-config-runit. Just this. I don't want to fork the whole
    live-config source. Provides one script for console autologin and
    dep for refractasnapshot when runit is installed.

### plasma
* I won't make it to the meeting this week. I've got a lot of things I
need to finish up at work before I leave and start my NEW JOB!

## New Actions
  * US goes back to standard time this weekend so meet next week will be
    1 hour earlier for us.

Mason Loring Bliss (( If I have not seen as far as others, it is because
mason@??? )) giants were standing on my shoulders. - Hal Abelson