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Author: Michael Neuffer
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] Clarification please
Subject: Re: [DNG] Self-hosted SMTP (was: TB and Enigmail)
On 10/29/20 2:27 PM, dng@??? wrote:
> I do administer 3 different mailservers from which 1 does have the full
> package from spf, dkim and dmarc. In my experience dmarc does not add
> much of value but spf does. Dkim is much liked by isp's with strict spam
> policies. But those are still reachable without after some waiting time
> as long as you are not on a spam blocklist. A reverse dns record does
> help too.
> To ease the maintenance of those servers i intend to migrate them to
> docker containers. I wonder people on this list have experience on this
> subject?

You might want to take a look at this project:


It is a project that might provide what you want to do.

It is in the hands of a group of volunteers that took over when the
original maintainer called it quits.

The original project was: https://github.com/hardware/mailserver