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Author: Dimitris T.
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] TB and Enigmail
Adam Borowski wrote:
> -- and it's exclusively the former group that uses GPG. Thus, crap support
> in Thunderbird is not a problem for me -- I have yet to see a GPG-signed
> piece of mail.

not really...
15-20 years ago while working for a bank edp/it dpt, PGP was required
almost for half the email volume. so it was/is not just a geeky thing,
industry used it also.. using it back then with locked down corp
outlook+pgp plugin.. i guess these days is even more broadly used in
that sector.. (to hide their scam mostly :D )
lately even public sector required pgp encrypted emails for some
also, lots of activists (since pre-snowden era) required GPG for
internal coms + OTR for chats... Thunderbird+enigmail was/is the
easier/free way for non-techy people to setup gpg.. lots of guides
around, w/ https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org being most commonly known...
(TB78 broke this..)

so, maybe these are not the majority of email users, but certainly gpg
is not exclusively used by a few geeks...
just take a look at keyservers stats..: there's a few million keys
already... and those are just a fraction of keys since not everyone
uploads their keys..