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Author: Jim Jackson
To: Dng
Subject: [DNG] Zoom via Firefox


I'm on Devuan Beowulf, running lightdm, openbox and lxpanel.
I don't run pulseaudio, I just use ALSA for sound.

Firefox sound works for showing videos etc. I have set mixer values so that
I can record

arecord -vvv -f dat -d 4 /tmp/a.wav

and it plays back. So speakers and microphone working.

I want to run Zoom via Firefox (not via external app), sound only - I don't
have a webcam. I join the zoom meeting, click allow firefox access to mic.,
and am in the meeting, except no sound and no one can hear me. There are
also no images within the Zoom session. If I start a new tab in firefox I
can view a youtube video with sound just fine. But nothing from the Zoom

Anyone any ideas? I have done some googling but not discovered how to
eliminate the 1001 pointers to fixing sound in windows etc.