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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-10-29
# Devuan meet 2020-10-22 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Present: LeePen, golinux, rrq, fsmithred, plasma41, bgstack15, Beer,
RickMoen, Adam, Centurion Dan

## Old Business
  * devuan.net acquired
    * Thank you beer!!

## Old Actions

## New Business

### golinux
  * meet the chimaera deepsea theme. Still a WIP:
    * (plasma41) I like that a lot!
    * :)
    * Remember the inspiration:
    * (plasma41) I found in my history two earlier versions of this from
      quite a while ago: https://dev1galaxy.org/files/deepsea-032430.png
      *(gl) those are just depressing.  Complete miscalculation

### Beer
    [problems](https://intodns.com/devuan.org) with declared NS for
    * (gl) Maybe that due to a workaround because it's on nextime's
      server which is inaccessible?
  * Also noted the `SOA` entry of `devuan.org` does not follow [RFC 2142
devuan.org.             86400   IN      SOA     ns2.devuan.org.
ns3.devuan.org. 80 21600 7200 691200 86400
   `RNAME` is set to `ns3.devuan.org`, while it should be showing an
   email address, like `hostmaster.devuan.org.` (per [RIPE guidelines

### LeePen
* Updated beowulf mini.isos after buster kernel ABI bump to 4.19.0-11.
* New fork of libvirt in ceres and chimaera: thanks to amesser and

### rrq
* amprolla3 needs a hand to its generation of "log" files (e.g.,

## New Actions
* (rrq) set up dns for devuan.net
* (Beer):
  1. Devuan's Web server configuration change to accept
  2. Devuan's NS configuration change to accept
  `devuannet` (/!\ replication)
  3. NS change from Beer's to Devuan's
  4. (bgstack15) coordinate with bgstack15 on a shared credential for login
     on the registrar (technical contact)
* (adam) devuan.org check upstream ns records / integrity + SOA (dyne
  * eudev coming RSN