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Author: aitor
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] About amprolla-3
Subject: Re: [DNG] About amprolla-3

On 2/7/20 14:43, aitor_czr wrote:
> Hi again,
> On 02/07/20 13:50, aitor_czr wrote:
>> Dear Ralph,
>> On 02/07/20 09:36, Ralph Ronnquist via Dng wrote:
>>> aitor_czr wrote on 2/7/20 9:13 pm:
>>>> Hi again,
>>>> On 02/07/20 10:42, aitor_czr wrote:
>>>>> for other values of*dist* we would find also other categories like
>>>>> 'contrib' or 'non-free' and also other different architectures (
>>>>> 'source' 'all' 'i386 and 'amd64' aside)
>>>> Strictly speaking: the source for each category and, on the other hand,
>>>> the binaries and the contents for each category and architecture
>>>> (binary-all, etc...). You understand...
>>> All clear. Except your note about '/binary-armhf/Packages.gz' which you said it
>>> should be '/Packages.gz' but didn't use it so ...
>> Not used in devuan because devuan (as an universal operating system)
>> uses the whole range of architectures.
>> So..., not used in devuan, but required by devuan derivatives.
> Indeed, another change concerning to the Contents-*.gz is needed for
> devuan derivatives. This is due to the fact that devuan
> has already merged the Contents of debian into its own Contents, so
> that they are not required anymore by any devuan
> derivative because it would be redundant[*]. Therefore, i've just
> defined a new tuple named contents in lib/config.py with values:
> contents = [ 'devuan, 'debian' ]          (for DEVUAN)
> contents = [ 'X', 'devuan' ]                  (for X = heads,
> gnuinos... or whatever you want)
> Cheers,
> Aitor.
> [*] As opposed to the binaries *Packages.gz*, pulled from
> "http://deb.devuan.org/devuan" -containing only those packages built
> for devuan and
> non-existent in debian), the Content-*.gz will be pulled from
> http://deb.devuan.org/merged". Or maybe i'm doing also an extra step
> for the binaries?
> In any case, the repo "packages.gnuinos.org" is working as expected so
> far, with one outstanding issue regarding the Contents.

I've been working on the Contents, and now *apt-file* works for