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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-10-01
# Devuan meet 2020-10-01 @20:30 UTC

Present: bgstack15, fsr, LeePen, mason, Beer, golinux, Adam, rrq

## Old Business
* Financial reports

## Old Actions

### mason
* exploring distros-list, OSS community
  * I've joined ##distro-security on Freenode per Seth Arnold's
    suggestion to get a feel for how to participate.
* wiki/general
  * We're gated on my unfamiliarity with nginx, so I'm learning how to
    plug stuff into it.
  * ikiwiki
    * Rough edges on internal version, in my home infrastructure. I'm
      working those out. There's a distinct lack of new/usable/correct
      documentation, so I'm reading a bunch and applying things that
      make sense. (As of end of work Wednesday evening.)
    * ikiwiki breaks out of the box with Subversion, but works fine with
      git, which is probably okay given that it's what we want.
  * foswiki
    * pending - goal is to see if it does better permissions defaults
      than TWiki. (Reading some docs suggests it doesn't make config and
      executables non-writeable by the web server.)
  * pmwiki
    * pending - will keep this in reserve in case I end up wildly
      unhappy with the first two, as this one's PHP.
    * contact FlibberTGibbet

### bgstack15
* Investigated the accessibility fixes suggested for the minimal-live
ISO (and others, probably). The requested changes are
[already](http://bugs.devuan.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=494) in
beowulf-proposed-updates. My recommendation for making the beowulf
ISOs contain this fix is to promote the packages into beowulf-updates,
as I understand that this repo is used when building the ISOs.

## New Business

### LeePen
* Moved house and (mainly) back online. Hope to make it this week, if I
can find the box with the webcam in!
* Debian has broken unstable cowbuilder chroot upgrades. See
[#970555](https://bugs.debian.org/970555). Suggested workaround
requires manually updating every chroot for every arch on every
builder. Trying to find a better solution!

### golinux
* deleted avatars in git. Have provided a generic beowulf image to
replace the teacup

### plasma41
* I've been teaching myself Debian packaging, using my desire for Debian
  packages of [Guix](https://guix.gnu.org/) and [Space Nerds In
  Space](https://spacenerdsinspace.com/) as my motivation and as
  learn-by-doing targets. I've been learning all about debian/rules and
  dh. dh is a pretty neat little tool.
* I'm running runit-init on both my home and work computers, by the way.
  On my work computer the transition from sysvinit went off without a
  hitch. On my home computer, which has packages installed spanning
  multiple releases, after the transition lightdm failed to launch. :-/
  After switching from lightdm+elogind to slim+consolekit and purging
  old configs, my display manager launches and I can login to my Xfce
  session. I don't know whether the intermediate breakage was because I
  knowingly run unsupported configs or if it's a bug we need to address.
* Repeats from two weeks ago:
  * What's the status of eudev? My understanding is that the 3.1 release
    isn't out yet because we're waiting on eudev. What is the issue with
    eudev that we're waiting to be fixed? Could someone fill me in?
    * (fsr) Problem: start-stop-daemon starts too soon, so not all
      modules get loaded. See bug
  * dbus in Beowulf is a CVE-fixing update behind dbus in Buster.



    This is fixed in beowulf-proposed-updates, but that looks like it
    won't be pushed to beowulf until the 3.1 release. Should we wait
    until then or would it be prudent to migrate it now?

### adam
* To explore separate dyne foundation bank account on behalf of devuan
to simplify accounting process
* 2020 Financial Report Q1-Q2 Released

* 2019 Financial Report Still Pending
* dyne webmail header fix remove "list-manager" plugin? (for golinux) -
to ping alv

## New Actions

### Needed for 3.1 point-release
* eudev - still needs fix (link to proposed fix?)
* dbus - done in beowulf-proposed-updates
* lightdm - done in beowulf-proposed-updates
* runit included - done in init metapackage in beowulf-proposed-updates
Should go into installer option?
* we are in need of a lua-dite to assist with apt-panopticon
* rrq noting a Freedom Hack: dqcache init script