:: [DNG] mssh not working (Chimaera)
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Author: Dimitri Minaev
To: tempforever via Dng
Subject: [DNG] mssh not working (Chimaera)
Hi, folks,

Does 'mssh' work for you in Chimaera? It used to work for me but now I only
get black area instead of the terminal. Tried to compile it from sources,
but it requires packages which I couldn't find in repos, vte and gtk+. The
latter may be provided by libgtk2 or libgtk3, but I'm not sure.

If you could offer an alternative that provides synchronized input to a
number of SSH sessions, I'd be glad to hear your opinion. I know that
similar capabilities are found in Terminator and my favorite Konsole, but
they are not as comfortable as mssh when you need to open a bunch of

With best regards,
Dimitri Minaev