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Author: Tito
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] removing systemd from rpm-based distro

Il 25/09/20 13:03, Peter Duffy ha scritto:
> Apologies - this is probably off-topic, or at least veering off in that
> direction. Also apologies if this has been addressed previously and I've
> missed it - if so, I'd appreciate it if someone would point me at the
> discussion.
> Given the successful removal of systemd from debian, and the consequent
> existence of devuan - it seemed to me that the obvious next step would
> be to take an RPM-based distro (maybe centos) and attempt to apply
> equivalent procedures to it.
> But - at least based on extensive google searches - I can't find any
> evidence that this has even been considered, let alone tried.
> If it had been tried and found to be impossible, impractical or
> pointless, and if this had been reported, that would seem reasonable.
> But the lack of any mention or discussion of it whatsoever seems
> strange.

you can try PCLinuxOS which is rpm based and systemd free.