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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-09-03
# Devuan meet 2020-09-03 @20:30 UTC

Present: plasma41, bgstack15, rrq, Adam, golinux, fsr, RickMoen, mason

## Old Business

## Old Actions
* mason - wiki.devuan.org is up with nginx and Let's Encrypt, but with
  no wiki. As I got into the user auth config for TWiki I realized how
  old the docs are, and I didn't want to experiment overmuch with a life
  project machine. Ideas:
  * We can continue with TWiki, but I'll model it internally first.
  * We can look at other wiki software.
    * My goals for the wiki are for it to support accounts and ACLs so
      we can have private reference and staging areas and copious public
      areas, with newcomers getting access to their own user pages first
      and eventually being able to edit more.
      * (yeti) Too complicated.  You might grok all that but who else?
        Why not manage texts in GIT(EA) and export ™somehow™?  That way
        works well for lots of projects and it is simple.  ™K.I.S.S.™.
    * A future goal, I'd like us to be able, if we wanted to, to model
      the entire Devuan web site inside a wiki.
  * I'll revisit the old list I put together when first looking at this,
    and if other folks have suggestions we can evaluate them as well.
    https://twiki.org/ https://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/WebHome
* RickMoen - Did we look at Joey Hess's ikiwiki?

## New Business
* mason - QUESTION: Do have hand a handle on Amprolla locking issues?
Once the wiki is in flight, I might take a swing at a rewrite, likely
in something other than Python, with a particular view towards
avoiding lock contention and races. I've got some thoughts about this
percolating, but I won't do anything formal until the wiki emerges.
* mason Something to consider offering:

### LeePen
* New ceres packages: util-linux, rsyslog, udisks2

### plasma41
* I should be back this week! :-)
* Is there a TODO list of what all needs to be done to get 3.1 released?

## New Actions
* mason - will post wiki RFC to devuan-dev and devuan-dng
* evilham- please look at amprolla
* select timeout and the ability to gracefully restart on network
* adam to poke jaromil re 2019 fin rep. ;)