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Author: Simon Walter
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Can this drive be saved?
On 9/5/20 3:21 PM, golinux@??? wrote:
> My board doesn't have an eSATA port. Neither does the new dock but at
> least it is USB 3.0.  Current enclosures are 2.0 . . .

>> If you are a data hoarder and like disks, I'd suggest getting your
>> hands on some hardware that has a SATA controller. It doesn't need to
>> be fancy or new. Pretty much any working desktop is fine.
> You're suggesting the disks get tested in the case itself, right? Like
> any hardwarephobe, that's something I really, REALLY don't like to do.

Yes, sorry to suggest a screwdriver.

I thought since you were using a USB case, that you had a laptop. It
sounds like you have a desktop. Is that right? Plug in the disk there
via a SATA cable.

Is the "dock" you were talking about something that fits into a desktop
drive bay that you can slide a SATA disk into? That's a nice bit of
hardware to have. I have three 3.5 and two 2.5. I'm always helping
friends and customers rescue data. It means I don't have to fiddle with
cables and screws as much.


Best regards,