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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] No route to packages.roundr.devuan.org.

Андрей via Dng wrote on 29/8/20 3:29 am:
> Hello.
> Thank you for your answers. On Sat, 22 Aug 2020 01:01:39 +0200, you
> wrote:
>> Several things:
>> 1. You should use deb.devuan.org
> Whould you explain why, please?

There are three collaborating reasons:

1) the domain "packages.roundr.devuan.org" used to be a round-robin service
entry for Devuan-servicing repository hosts. It (the domain) is no longer
maintained as such. For a while it has resolved gratuitously to nexlab's old
repository server, but since a couple of years Devuan's package service has
been moved to new hosting.

2) the domain "packages.roudr.devuan.org" used to be the round-robin service
implementation domain, to actually be accessed by a front-line domain name such
as "auto.mirror.devuan.org" or "packages.devuan.org". Therefore
"packages.roundr.devuan.org" should never have been used directly anyhow.

3) nowadays (since a couple of years) the front-line domain name for Devuan's
repository service is "deb.devuan.org". This domain also resolves to a
round-robin implementation domain, "deb.roundr.devuan.org", which like the one
in 1) above is administered by nexlab. The current intention is to retain the
front-line domain, "deb.devuan.org", but change its implementation domain at
our leisure to a QoS based automated mirror management.

Thus: You should use "deb.devuan.org"

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