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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-07-23
# Devuan meet 2020-07-23 @20:30 UTC

Present: LeePen, plasma41, rrq, fsmithred, bgstack15, Beer, Rick Moen,
Adam, golinux

## Old Business

## Old Actions

### plasma41
* Working locally on getting the website git repo in some semblence of a
  sane state. Most of the past commits to the repo were made solely
  through a web interface, resulting in loads of cruft. Without rebasing
  or commit squashing, web-based git'ing has left a minefield to wade
  * (gl) Have you made any progress on the search/replace of the broken
    link to the www source in the footer? That would actually be useful.
    Pacifying your sense of order is a you problem.

### Beer
* Been working on mere spacing/indent of HTML & CSS just to beautifying
  the source code in browsers. Main pages seem to be done so far:
  * (plasma41) I'll take a look.
  * (Beer) I remember now where the catch lies... Been working on an old
    `new-beta` HEAD. Tried to rebase, and Hell broke loose.
  * (gl) I've been meaning to request a change in the color of the
    "archive" designation as it is too similar to the active link color.
     I suggest either bold or italic or both or caps or something that
    will be different than the link color.

## New Business

### fsmithred
* (bgstack15) The ISOs were released before we changed the apt repo
suite names for Beowulf from testing to stable, so everyone who used
the new ISOs had to accept the change. Next time, let's switch the
repo, before building the final ISOs.

### LeePen
* Updated packages: policykit-1 network-manager, pdns-recursor, apt
(thanks amesser)
* There is a build issue when using ceres systems. Fix pending. See

## New Actions