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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-06-25
# Devuan meet 2020-06-25 @20:30 UTC

Present: rrq, LeePen, golinux, plasma41, bgstack15, fsmithred, RickMoen,

## Old Business

## Old Actions
* (b15) Gitlab archived issues is now complete.

## New Business

### rrq
* re adding organizations on gitea; should that be free for all? Or does
  'admin' add organizations on request? by what criteria?
  * _(Beer)_ However this is done, it would be a welcome addition to
    help segment the projects workspace and to avoid a flat hierarchy.
    GitLab groups help IMHO, and Gitea's Organisations seem to be the
    way to implement a similar feature.

### LeePen
* New temporary fork of meson to fix native armel/armhf build on arm64.
Plan unfork once fix accepted upstream and packaged in Debian.
* Updated packages in ceres: devuan-lintian-profile, rsyslog,
util-linux, dnscrypt-proxy, elogind and also apt and tomcat9 (thanks
to amesser).
* Working on merging Translation files in amprolla. This should restore
long package descriptions in APT. Have a working alpha version for
review and comment:
See https://ddtp.debian.org/ for Debian Translation frontend.
* Debian Jessie is EOL on 30 June.
* golinux sheds a tear . . .

### fsr
* nm, these were all moved. I will talk to parazyd.
* sdk repos need to be moved. They are not devuan-packages and they are
not personal repos.
* libdevuansdk, too. That one scares me. (submodule)
* sdk/{arm-sdk,live-sdk,libdevuansdk,vm-sdk} and also sss/libdevuansdk
(I don't know what that is, but parazyd forked it.)

### Beer
* Finished moving all projects are initiated to Gitea
* Removed branches & imports of debops's Ansible roles as I deemed them
_less-than-ideal_ the last time I fiddled with them... Everything
still WiP as long as I do not allot time to it

## New Actions
* Archiving Debian 8 Jessie [Debian does not maintain Jessie past
  * Warning users about Jessie deprecation (tag on [main
    page](https://devuan.org/), insert in [Releases
    page](https://devuan.org/os/releases)) _(Beer - 2020-06-29 or
  * Serving files through seperate domain, dedicated to unmaintained
    releases: `archive.devuan.org` _(LeePen & Beer - 2020-06-29)_
  * Updating Amprolla into mergin/prepping files through that new tunnel