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Author: Stephane Ascoet
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan success report - Old Toshiba
Le 11/05/2020 à 00:59, Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola@???> wrote :

> I have an old Toshiba Satellite laptop, with a wonderful soft touch
> keyboard, PS/2 Port, Serial console... very readable screen (althoug
> 800x600!) which always had Debian which I kept upgrading and
> upgrading.
> It became less and less usable... only swap swap and slow as hell.

> Of course, the Specs are not impressive: Celeron (Mendocino) at 433Mhz
> and 128MB of RAM and Trident CYper videocard, still they worked and I

Hi, I'm impressed, I though I was the last person on earth doing this
sort of thing, you beat me!

> I had a got hold of another PATA Hard Disk, so I swapped it in,
> installed Devuan from scratch, matching about the same setup in terms

How did you to boot the installer on such an old computer?

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet