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Author: Андрей
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] IPv6 on localhost doesn't work.

I try to make localhost inner connections between web browser and
apache server by the IPv6. The idea is to move completely where it is
possible in my environment, to that version of the protocol.

So, i did make few records in the /etc/hosts file, like

::1 server1.ru server2.ru

I did configure apache vertual server to be distinguished by thoase
names and the server itself to listen on IPv6 port 80.

In firewall were enabled those connections.

Finally, in FireFox i added exceptions to use not proxy for these
two names:

server1.ru, server2.ru

and typed in FireFox's address bar


FireFox told me that it couldn't make connection. In the firewalls logs
i saw that it tried to make IPv4 connection on address,
though from where it took that address i do not know as

::1 server1.ru server2.ru

string is the only one in the /etc/hosts, that contain those names.

When i did configure all hat suite to use IPv4 it did work, but when
changed to IPv6 -- no.

So, any advice, idea will be appreciated.