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Author: andrew gryf paterson
To: Bricolabs
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 Open Call
Hei! Reminder..

Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival #Burn____

1st Open call (especially for those who wish to use a particular space in
venue _Oodi_, or bigger production needs)..
will close in a few days on 30.5. closes 23:59 EEST. (It was extended last
week, by a week)

Tip: If you respond to this open call, do say where you would like your
contribution to be in/very nearby to: http://oodihelsinki.fi

The 2nd Open call will open at the end of the year from 1.12. (for those
less demanding of the above needs)

More Info currrently in English, Suomeksi, Svenska, по-Русскй here:

(or in original mail below)

Best best,


On Thu, 7 May 2020 at 21:57, andrew gryf paterson <agryfp@???> wrote:

> Hei Bricos,
> Hope you keep well & healthy where you are. Please find info below of
> our next Pixelache Festival in Helsinki, 6.-13.6.2021. Details on Open
> Calls, and letter of inspiration that hopefully helps prompt a response.
> Apologies for X-posting.
> Best best,
> ,andrew
> ---
> Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 Open Call
> Pixelache Helsinki is a Transdisciplinary Platform for Emerging Art,
> Design, Research and Activism, organised by the non-profit association
> Piknik Frequency ry. It consists of an annual festival in Helsinki, as
> well as participatory art-science and technology productions, public
> events, educational programmes, residencies and other activities. Our
> non-profit association has operated since 2002, also named Pikseliähky.
> Between 2021-2022, Pixelache will reach its 20th year anniversary, and
> Pixelache Helsinki Festival is currently one of the longest-running
> interdisciplinary cultural festivals in Northern Europe and the Baltic
> Sea region. It continues to promote emergent inter- and
> trans-disciplinary practices and thinking between art, design,
> technology, research and activism.
> Festival 2021: http://festival.pixelache.ac/about
> General: http://www.pixelache.ac/pages/about
> ---
> > Pixelache’s 2020-21 Theme: #Burn___
> #Burn___ is the thematic premise for the next two years of Pixelache’s
> cultural output as an association, it connects psychological, social and
> environmental collapse, and how we can survive it, developing resilience.
> The programme is designed to give the possibility to different actors to
> interpret the theme ‘#Burn___’ in multiple ways and continues our
> experiments in open and collaborative curation methods. We foresee the
> focus covering a wide spectrum of possibilities, from the personal to
> the social and extended systemic perspectives, including for example
> mental health and ecological states and conditions as related subjects.
> Read ‘A Letter fae the Other Side’ (31.1.2020, updated 20 days later)
> Poetic text by Andrew Gryf Paterson, to give hints of the scope of this
> theme, in English, Finnish, Swedish or Russian through our webpage at
> http://festival.pixelache.ac/a-letter-fae-the-other-side
> * Switch the language at the right top of the webpage
> We hope to address the #Burn____ theme via postmedia, participatory and
> somatic contemporary practices, mixing art, design, together with public
> services, social /-democratic activism, and commons-orientated action.
> We wish to facilitate a sharing- economy that is not exploitative and
> exhausting, asking about ethics. Rather than reduce, we consider and
> promote increasingly complex or non-mediated but network-facilitated
> exchanges, and commissioned artworks or actions.
> It is confirmed that Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival will take place at
> Helsinki City’s new central library Oodi.
> This exciting new public learning and leisure centre was voted last year
> as the best new library in the world and is very popular with both
> locals and international visitors since it opened in December 2018. We
> hope this festival venue site will encourage you to think about all its
> spaces, active and passive, ordered and dynamic, as well as the diverse
> client-base and potential audience. Saturday 12th June is also Helsinki
> City Day, another very popular event day. Hence this Pixelache Festival
> will be very public, and we aim to raise to this challenge!
> More about the library at http://oodihelsinki.fi/en/
> ---
> Preferred language is English but if you should still choose to apply
> with other mentioned languages (Suomeksi, Svenska, Пo-Русски), that
> would be okay as well.
> First Open Call
> 23.4.2020, closes 23.5.2020, 23:59 EEST
> For projects / processes / contributions which need to use a particular
> Oodi Central Library space that needs to be reserved or booked in
> advance. Contributions selected from the Open Call will be included in
> our funding applications in Autumn 2020.
> Second Open Call
> 1.12.2020, closes 31.1.2021, 23:59 EET
> For projects / processes / contributions which do not need to use a
> particular Oodi Central Library space reserved in advance, and may be
> seen as more of an intervention in other spaces of the building.
> Maximum 2 submissions per applicant.
> Please note: Currently we have not gathered or developed a budget for
> the festival production at the time of this first open call, April-May
> 2020, with feedback by the end of June 2020. If selected, we seek your
> permission to include your proposal in our funding applications in
> Autumn 2020, to gather the support to make them happen.
> Please submit your proposals through
> http://festival.pixelache.ac/calls/burn-festival-open-call
> Open Call Curatorial Committee
> There are six persons on the curatorial committee who will consider your
> proposal, including three invited persons, Laura Gustafsson, Tuukka
> Haapakorpi and Shubhangi Singh, plus from our Pixelache membership,
> Anastasia Artemeva, Ilpo Heikkinen, and Frida Stenbäck. The committee is
> facilitated by Andrew Gryf Paterson, who initiated the theme and venue
> choice of the Festival.
> Invited Curatorial Committee
> Laura Gustafsson is a writer, who works in the fields of literature,
> visual arts and theatre. She has published four novels and has an
> interdisciplinary collaboration with visual artist Terike Haapoja.
> Gustafsson&Haapoja has realized exhibitions named as museums, video
> works, installations, performances and also published books. Activism
> and advocacy play a strong part in Gustafsson’s works and life.
> http://lauragustafsson.fi - http://gustafssonhaapoja.org
> Tuukka Haapakorpi is a Helsinki based media artist currently working in
> the Central Library Oodi as a Specialized Librarian. Graduated from the
> post-Ma program ”Critical Images” in The Institute of Art in Stockholm,
> he’s interested in the interplay of media culture, public space and art.
> http://tuukkahaapakorpi.com
> Shubhangi Singh’s practice as a visual artist and filmmaker responds to
> contemporary politics and the interconnectedness of production and
> reproduction of popular everyday material. She often draws upon her
> experiences to address identity and queries related to the feminine and
> its position within society. Shubhangi is the co-founder of New City
> Limits, an initiative to facilitate creative viewing and practice in
> Navi Mumbai, India. http://shubhangi-singh.com - http://newcitylimits.org
> Pixelache members Committee
> Anastasia Artemeva is a visual and socially-engaged artist based in
> Helsinki. Her projects explore spaces and make room for new
> interactions. She is the founder of Prison Outside - an art and research
> project on issues of incarceration. Artemeva has written for the Visual
> Artists’ News Sheet (Ireland) and IMAGE InSEA: International Society for
> Education through Art magazine. http://anastasia-artemeva.com -
> http://prisonspace.org
> Ilpo Heikkinen is a multitool of cultural work. He works with performing
> arts, cultural activism, music, technology and ecological building
> methods powered with ethos combining the commons, participation and open
> source. Currently, he works as one of the core team members behind the
> Social Tools Conference and Training Circles. http://ilpoheikkinen.biz -
> http://socialtools.us
> Frida Stenbäck is a visual artist and a maker based in Helsinki. Her
> interests towards societal and material explorations have led her to
> work and study interdisciplinary in the fields of visual arts, design
> and scenography. Her current practice combines the expressivity of
> visual and performative arts with the practicality of design; creating a
> playful tool for critical observations and future speculations.
> http://stenbackfrida.com
> Andrew Gryf Paterson is an 'artist-organiser', cultural producer,
> educator and independent researcher. He specialises exploring
> connections between art, digital culture, science, cultural activism
> related to the commons, DIY-Do-It-With-Others, ecological and
> sustainability movements, along with cultural heritage and collaborative
> networks. http://agryfp.info
> Submissions
> Please submit your contribution as follows:
> 1. Title of Project / Process / Contribution (100 chars)
> 2. Description (1000 chars)
> 3. Technical description & needs to make it happen or display (500 chars)
> 4. Supporting images (3 only)
> 5. Biography or description of you / your group or collective (600 chars)
> 6. Online link to CV/Portfolio (1-2 links)
> 7. Indicate if you submit for: First Open Call
> 8. Indicate if you submit for: Second Open Call
> 9. Production Status: Is this project already produced?
> 10. Production Status: Does it need production funds to happen? (Yes,
> No, Maybe). If you answered Yes or Maybe, please give an indication,
> with as much detail as reasonable to give us an idea of what is needed
> to make it happen. (1000 chars)
> Please submit your proposals through
> festival.pixelache.ac/calls/burn-festival-open-call
> Questions?, write to: festival@???
> ---
> A Letter fae the Other Side
> 31.1.2020 *updated 20 days later...
> Originally written by Andrew Gryf Paterson, proofread by Shubhangi Singh
> My dears, #kullat
> I send greetings from the #OtherSide. The river is not so wide.
> Liminality’s shore & share. Death is over there. Life is here. I wish to
> invite you to #Burn____
> The blank is purposefully left there. For you to fill in. Filled by a
> multitude of persons hybrid in various ways. To connect together
> relationships and experiences of psychological, social and environmental
> collapse, let’s explore together how we can survive it, developing
> resilience.
> 26*12(+24) fires make a patch work that demands attention. The fires
> keep, coming.
> We need to extend beyond cultural practices into how we live with
> ourselves, to be with each other humans and non-humans in the future,
> with\in ecosystems, social flesh-n-blood groups and digital networks. We
> don’t want to burn out of our lives because of residency papers do we?
> Thicker printer-paper will keep your hands warmer for a little longer.
> There will be losses. I only really trust older cultural workers these
> days who have burned out at least once. The youngs, we need to support
> through and across, so we can learn from them and support the passions
> that paddle and move us. Burning heart issues #offline #onlife2020.
> Because words do these days. It is obvious you have heard of billions in
> flames, especially in the middle of your dark endless November.
> Literally the soundscape of Gondwana (tens of millions of years ago). It
> is dark no, sooty, charred. Isn’t it obvious by now? Darkness needs to
> be scared off, and the leftovers are burnt.
> They saved the most ancient ones. Warming us all, lighting us up in the
> future! You. Are. Resilient. Digital tools are less powerful than the
> physical processes in the carbon cycle. I will not be consumed. I will
> not be consumed. I will be left in the ground. I will be left in the
> ground. I will sift through the air. I will sift through the air. I am
> water. I will flow.
> Solar punk. It will keep going providing energy, longer than we will.
> AR-VR-Gamer blurrr of realities. Fever temperatures in your body.
> Performance demands and constant growth does not necessarily equate to
> new wisdom. Knowledge production arguably only happens with care and
> attention.
> It is because the system makes it so easy to perpetuate crisis, it
> writes itself. The highest resolution photos of the sun ever taken
> remind you however even the hottest things have a structure like a
> confederation, buffering, rendering with each other. That is a truth
> that shines beyond fake news.
> As ContraPoints sais "Is it hot in here or is the world just like this
> now?" Torches in the past, present and future were/are/will not be held
> just by assumed White Men. Indeed there's a guid anarcho-punk tradition
> out there which suggests in a shouty way where the oppressive eviction
> powers and systems can get tae f..
> Death & Healing included. Of course this is an article for those art
> historians, amateur or professional who are mostly immersed in Western
> modernist-influenced art.. Non-Western indigenous artists arguably
> always keep a closer companion to these subjects.. Compassion is necessary.
> Narrow-minded socialization and patriotism is over, interdependence
> wins! To celebrate, the Young(s) paint their faces with the colours and
> shapes they believe in, and slip below the radar.. Finland is leading
> the work and struggle already starting with under 12 year olds. That off
> the screen, into your head?
> “Uncle, why are you still going out without a face mask? Don’t laugh.
> Hurry up and get in your car and go home.” What is going to keep society
> in check during our chaotic fold? Trust or Drones or both? Who needs
> labels, ontologies, shelf-positions.. Scans. Fluidity runs over them. We
> will not.
> Pixel-aching, with devices, books, sport-gear, games, plus plus more
> than just checkouts, returns, silent spaces.. Burning. No need to do
> that to those bridges, them edges. We don't have to collapse, we can do
> socio-economics differently. In, not Out. In, not Out. RW (re-writable)
> disks.
> You might think that it is all about fire. No, it is not just that. In
> old and modern Scots, the word burn refers to water.[1] A stream. We can
> be burn-bearers. Brewing tea. Soothing words, dousing or putting out the
> heat. Keeping the calm. Seek sacred wells to draw from. ‘Naturally’.
> We launched our process on the eve of Bridghe’s (Bríde, St. Bridgid,
> Imbolc) day.[2] A balance between darkness and light. A traditional
> Gaelic festival marking the beginning of Spring, halfway between winter
> solstice and spring equinox. It’s a time to wash and cleanse oneself. We
> are pregnant. Potential is in the belly. Let’s have the guts.
> Andrew Gryf Paterson,
> http://agryfp.info
> [1] Burn n. Dictionary of Scots Language. Accessible from
> dsl.ac.uk/entry/dost/burn
> [2] Imbolc. Accessible from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imbolc
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> Our mailing address: office@???


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