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Author: Mason Loring Bliss
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes from 2020-05-14
# Devuan meet 2020-05-14 20:30 UTC

Present: golinux, mason, bgstack15, MetaYan, LeePen, fsmithred, plasma41,

## Old Business

### fsmithred
* lvm/udev repeated warnings fixed in live isos. (edit lvm.conf in intrd
  and in live system. One for boot, one for shutdown)
* Still no mouse or keyboard in desktop when boot optical media, and
  sometimes when boot in qemu. Corrects with unplug/replug (or
  plug/unplug) mouse or keyboard. Also corrects with remove/insert
  psmouse module. Please see more info at
  * (plasma) I was going to report this bug, but it looks like you
    already know about it. It's a minor annoyance on a desktop, but a
    showstopper on a laptop. (I wonder if this affects USB keyboard and
    mouse only or if PS/2 keyboard and mouse are affected also. I'll
    test that and report back.)

### mason
* twiki still pending
* mailman3 exploration still pending

## Old Actions

## New Business

### golinux
* Let's work off of the ASCII 2.1 Point Release announcement for Beowulf
  * https://pad.dyne.org/code/#/2/code/edit/D+ChmluW+TT9QPdOVO9q0rpf/
    * Since there are no longer any VUAs actively involved do we want to
      keep the reference? After discussion, will be dropped.
      * (plasma) I'd rather we just call ourselves the Devuan Team or
        the Devuan Project. IMO, the Veteran Unix Admins really just
        refers to the historical group that created the Jessie release.
        I found the fact that the release announcement for ASCII was
        attributed to the VUAs despite more non-VUA members being
        involved in Devuan than VUAs at that time was rather odd, but I
        didn't press the issue then.
* Is the revised website ready to set up on git? Would appreciate
  feedback on it.
  * Create toc with xml script
* Wiki news
  * David Harrison finally responded to the email I sent some time ago
    regarding the FoD wiki.
  * The current expiry date for the domain is 30 June.
  * He's willing to pay for one more year's renewal but thinks it's time
    to look at retiring the site.
  * Should check to see if there is anything still relevant there
  * Is twiki happening or not?

### plasma41
* Was beta2 ever announced on a mailing list? Should beta3 be announced
* Tested desktop-live-beta3 this week when I needed a rescue disc.
  Encountered two bugs:
  * Unresponsive mouse and keyboard (already mentioned above)
  * I couldn't ping without root permissions. The ping command was in
    PATH, so it wasn't a case of not being able to locate the binary as
    a standard user.
    * Apparently the ping in inetutils doesn't require root, but the
      ping in iputils does. Apparantly iputils-ping uses linux
      capabilities stuff I know I don't understand. (Known unknowns and
      all that). iputils-ping Reccommends libcap2-bin. Does installing
      that all for non-root pinging?...

### LeePen
* Enabled automatic closing of bugs on upload of built source to dak.
Just requires standard '(Closes: #NNN)' tag appended to line in
* Updates to new Maintainer Guide: lintian, updating chroots, pbuilder
* Rebuilt beowulf debian-installer (mini.iso) after Debian kernel ABI
* Head up: Debian Jessie is EOL on June 30

#### Ceres/Chimaera
* New version of init-system-helpers which properly allows runit as
  alternative. Should consider for beowulf-proposed-updates once tested
  in chimaera.
* Proposed updates to
  awaiting review. Adds runit and clarifies openrc use of sysvinit
  * (plasma) Should we drop the note that openrc is experimental? I've
    been using it on my laptop and I haven't had a single issue. If we
    offer openrc-init; however, (i.e. openrc as more than just the
    service manager, but also as the actual init), then we should list
    that as experimental I think.
* New fork of pdns-recursor being built (arm* builds have failed: OOM)
* Ironing out test failures in new version of util-linux with Debian
  maintainer and upstream.

### rrq
* upgraded the infrastructure hosts 2/3, almost successfully.
  * it got a slight rework of the virtual cabling
* setting up new infrastructure host, "nardoo".
* beta3 installer isos published quietly; apparently good; about to
  promote them to rc.
* gitlab is now with manual bouncer for registrations
  * (Beer) The magnet link & the torrent file on the website don't point
    to the same content though Torrent file hash is
    a621e28a6767644c992510a8a409c06f5cf9889e. Magnet link hash is
    * (gl) Need the correct links

### mason
* seeking git login
* rrq resolved
* have been working out kinks with internal repository layout

## New Actions
* RC out this weekend with announcement (keep it short)
* Prepare 3.0.0 announcement (longer - use live long and prosper as sign
* new devuan.org up for review
* correct magnet amd torrent links
* Change email to freedom AT devuan DOT org ?
* (plasma) review iso and checksums

Mason Loring Bliss (( If I have not seen as far as others, it is because
mason@??? )) giants were standing on my shoulders. - Hal Abelson