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Author: Jerneja Rebernak
To: brico
Subject: [Bricolabs] the.now.we live(in)
Hello list!

I am posting here some initiatives happening now and I am wondering if any
of you is joining these - and share some more please! keep them coming!

Antivirus radio <https://p-node.org>
Patrice are you listening???

Radio Antidoto <http://www.radioantidoto.org>
for those speaking Italian, lots of fun happening here !!!
Fred is the author of this one.

Reconfiguration Summit
<https://lotusconsciousness.com/event/reconfiguration-summit-2020/> -
weaving of worlds - knowledge sharing
happening this weekend and the next one.
Vicky has got us all together here with Felipe, Gustaff, Vanessa and
hopefully Fabi will join us too! Kruno, we'll miss you!

Also here I am sharing my experience from a creative hackathon I
joined last weekend.

HackCreative <http://www.hackcreative.org/> organised by Northern
Dimension Partnership for Culture; 300 participants got together on slack
to ideate and prototype solutions for CCI in times of crisis. For the
submission process of ideas you were redirected to an external platform
<https://www.guaana.com/challenges>. I was part of a team and we created a
solution, however we questioned the platform Terms of Service regarding IP
(basically by posting the project on this platform you were giving a
worldwide irrevocable license not only to the company owning the platform
but also to any other affiliate). A little OTT right? I am wondering about
the harvesting of ideas and who is investing money in this already. We
came to an agreement not to submit under these conditions. and of course if
your intention is to save lives, solutions should be accessible and no one
would be checking the terms of service, right.

Anyways if you'd like to browse results from HackCreative from the weekend
-you can find them here
Interesting how much could be achieved if you join art&tech in an event
like this, this will keep me busy for a while now.

Also, just to contextualise and maybe of interest to you this Global Hack
event <https://www.theglobalhack.com/>has been organised a couple of weeks
ago. Some are talking about a global movement
is the CEO of that platform speaking) and the hype could be real or just a
screen right. I'd be weary when they join the words care, love and
big-tech. There is room for discussion here.

Yes sure, such events can benefit societies in times of crisis - here are
the results of the Pan-European hackathon <https://euvsvirus.org/results/> from
a week ago. and we'll see more and more challenge and mission driven

btw if anyone would benefit there is this online pre-accelerator programme
<https://startupwiseguys.com/hackthecrisis/> coming up.

just to dive in a little more, I think you'd all enjoy this

Just remembered 7 years have passed since Pixelache!

Once this travel restrictions are lifted a reunion could be nice - hey
Tapio how is Future Lake coming along.

*** apologies for the density of this email, but dense times require dense
Take good care y'all Bricos!