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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] What an Ad hominem!

SystemD detractors may, like myself, be repelled from using it because
everytime they installed a systemd based distribution, it always
greeted them with a system-wide freeze. Microsoft Windows has solved
that issue of system-wide freezes since almost two decades.

On my music player based on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a Pi DAC Pro from
IQaudIO, I was greeted with a system-wide freeze after only a few
boots. Why should this happen on a system which is based on a SDCard
which may become corrupted beyond boot for most users? In my case it
is not a problem, as I take the SDCard from the Pi and fix it on
another Linux machine using fsck.

It is not hate or irrational conservatism that draws most users away
from systemd, but the fact that it is a complicated piece of software
very prone to serious system-wide issues.