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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Beowulf Beta is here!
Hi Didier,

On 4/9/20 4:29 PM, Didier Kryn wrote:
> Le 09/04/2020 à 18:16, Didier Kryn a écrit :
>> Le 09/04/2020 à 16:13, dal a écrit :
>>> Hello and thanks for Beowulf.
>>> An issue:
>>> it looks like
>>>    devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_beta_amd64_netinstall.iso
>>>    and the base system installable from it
>>> do not contain the ifupdown package (nor other networking utilities
>>> besides busybox ip?).
>>> The resulting base installation remains offline.
>>> This is a more limited definition of a "base system" than it used to
>>> be, most probably unintentionally.
>>     I remember this was also the case in a previous version, wether
>> Jessie or Ascii. Obviously this isn't an issue when upgrading. I also
>> remind you that the startup delay caused by the timed-out activation
>> of the Ethernet interface (when not plugged in) is still there with
>> the default interfaces file. The solution is to remove the clause
>> "allow-hotplug eth0" and install ifupdown or the equivalent I have
>> forgotten the name of.
>     Sorry for the typo. install *ifplugd* or an equivalent.

After a reboot the network devices are properly brought up using
different options like *auto*,
*allow-auto* or *allow-hotplug*.The differences between them are:

1) auto <device> - This stanza in /etc/network/interfaces file starts
the network interface at boot
(this is the option used by the loopback virtual interface).

2) allow-auto <device> - Similar to the first one. I'm not pretty sure
if there is any difference.

3) allow-hotplug <device> -  As opposed to the others, it starts when a
*plug* event is detected.
The fact that it'll will be waiting for eventslike the linking of the
ethernet cable or something that
involveskernel/eudev detection against the hardware, can lead us to
think that thiskind of linking
configurationis the guiltyof the delay during the boot process, but this
is only a half-truth.

As far as i can tell after my several tests, the issue of the delay
disappears in the following two cases:

a) Using"allow-auto <device>" in combination with *ifupdown2*, instead
of ifupdown.

b) Using "auto <device>" in combination with ifupdown, instead of ifupdown2.

This said, and being the different alternatives above focused to the
same goal, the use different linking
configurations altogether makes no sense in my opinion. Particularly,
i'm using "allow-hotplug" for the
images of gnuinos because it's generated automatically at boot time
during live sessions by some script.

Hope this helps,