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Author: Riccardo Mottola
To: Hendrik Boom, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] kernel instabilities

right now I don't have access to the computer - due to quarantine
restrictions I cannot move from my house.

Hendrik Boom wrote:
> (1) Do we even know it's a kernel problem?

I think yes. I am using ascii. The laptop has always been rock-stable. I
upgrade the kernel, I get two freezes in a row, once after somet ime
(including CPU usage due to compilation) and once earlier.
I book using the odl kernel, no freeze and was  able to compile for hours.
I think this pinpoints it that not other upgdared things are the issue.

> (2) They don't seem to be specific to a particular kernel;  Of course
>     they might have entirely different causes.

In my case, it appears to be (or at least the kernel in a specific

> (3) Is Debian having similar probems?

Who knows? I do not dual-boot.

> (4) Might it be something in the way the kernel is being used?  
>     Perhaps something takes over the mouse, touchpad, and keyboard so that
>     the user becomes helpless?

No, I think it is a "hard freeze" since "shutdown" via APCI doesn't work
(sngle quick power button press).

> (5) Surely there is some relevant partial shutdown, dumping, 
>     and/or logging procedure that would provide clues?

I am using ascii on another laptop which I have here and can use in
quarantine and it works fine! Should be installed and configured the
same way, with debian ascii.
One big difference: AMD CPU, so for sure a different cpu and has less
vulnerabilities and will be mitigated differently.

Is there a way to disable spectire/meltdown mitigations on the kernel
command line?
It would be a nice way to test if it helps and if thereis also a penalty
in speed. I might as well as disable them forever in case.