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Author: Ivan J.
To: maemo-leste, Javier Palacios
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] image builder broken
On 19 March 2020 23:57:44 CET, Javier Palacios <javiplx@???> wrote:
>I'm trying to build a pinephone image following
>https://leste.maemo.org/Image_Builder, but the procedure does not end
>in a
>usable image. First of all, I needed to start modifying leste.blend to
>actually build a kernel image. And the best I've got after many
>attempts is
>an image able to boot but with no graphics environment, that ends with
>simple tty login on the screen.
>Although it's a non-sense, everything points to hildon-desktop not
>available on repositories used during the build process,
>What is the right way to build my own image?

I've built an image just yesterday. I'd advise you to clone the latest git of image-builder and try again. Also note that there is a target called 'pinephone'. The 'dontbeevil' target is used for the devkit and not the "final" device.

In arm-sdk/log there will be some logfiles that can be helpful in figuring out potential errors along with the output you get from the actual image build.

If you're still unable to build an image, please post the errors you're getting so I can help you out.