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Author: Patrice Riemens
To: Rob van Kranenburg
CC: Bricolabs, Maria Euler
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] STWST48x6 MORE LESS open call
Great Rob, and no pb on my side with EdgeRyders, I am just always
playing 'the tenth man', that's my role in life. Cheers make success &
stay safe. p+2D!
(don't forget: "il faut de tout pour faire un monde" - and that includes
non-institutionalised, cynical old fools like me - sometimes they have
something to tell)

On 2020-03-17 07:56, Rob van Kranenburg wrote:
> Hi Patrice,
> Edgeryders in. In the project I am in now NGI Forward.
> I work with all channels, you can of course keep preaching to the
> converted, but in these days a message of JNM can find a lot of
> friendly ears,
> Greetings, Rob
> Ps offline for two days, on proposal
>> Op 16 mrt. 2020, om 23:16 heeft Patrice Riemens <patrice@???>
>> het volgende geschreven:
>> Aloha, I tend to 100% agree with JNM, what he say was my first
>> impression too. BUT (i) STWST is - as far as I know (and I know
>> little, as usual) at 'some distance' from Ars Electronica, which now
>> has been led for 30 yrs + by the same 'man in black' ;-) may be a
>> sign of, let's call it charitably, 'lethargy' ...
>> Enyvej.
>> And then (ii), pray, where does Edgeryders come into this? Besides
>> being a notoriously dynamic, conf-hopping 'Post-it NGO', I mostly
>> know them as the incubator of the 'UnMonastery' project - the
>> results of which have been mixed, to put it charitably again. (OK,
>> Matera became European Capital of Culture, partially thanks to it(s
>> buzz ;-)
>> alt.cult.art.net [1] life's sooooo interesting in times of Corona
>> ...
>> Cheers to all & keep safe, p+2D!
>> On 2020-03-16 21:38, Rob van Kranenburg wrote:
>> Maria,
>> Could this go on Edgeryders?
>> Greetings, Rob
>> Op 16 mrt. 2020, om 21:26 heeft Jean-Noël Montagné
>> <jnm@???> het volgende geschreven:
>> hello all bricofolks,
>> Excuse-me if I find this thema "more or less" very shy, and very
>> conservative. The problem is not more or less capitalism, more or
>> less regulation, more or less ecology. The problem is not how to
>> repair or adapt capitalism, like suggests " More or Less" topic, but
>> how to STOP this non-sense, how to change radically, in a peacefull
>> way, the actual destructive global path, to go to a real sustainable
>> new world, in the context of the climate changes/collapse and all
>> side-effects.
>> I would prefer instead a call for radical events, projects, radical
>> thinking, radical transformaking, ruptures. We don't have a lot of
>> time until things get uncontrolable, may be 10 years. If we don't
>> act more deeply now, and invest in the good directions in this
>> relative peacefull times, we will not have the possibility to do it
>> during a deeper collapse.
>> Ars Electronica has always been a business event for innovation,
>> granted by transnational companies, and it appears more and more
>> obscene to waste so much money for high-class attendees, with almost
>> no effects on the rest of the world, excepting producing glossy
>> paper catalogs for dusty shelves. Few kilometers close to Linz,
>> hundred thousands of refugees wait in terror and despair.
>> In my opinion, a good general topic for the september event could be
>> " How to definitively close Ars electronica festival this year, and
>> invent gatherings with real effects on people, global and local, in
>> decentralized ways"
>> cheers,
>> JN
>> Le 16/03/2020 à 13:14, Shu Lea Cheang a écrit :
>> Dear Bricolabs
>> At this viral time, we at STWST call out for proposal submission,
>> MORE LESS...our 6 edition of 48 hour extravaganza taling place in
>> september.
>> In shut down mode, take care.
>> sl
>> 11-13th Sept 2020
>> In the year 2020, STWST has developed the STWST48 theme for the
>> disproportionately tilted worlds or excess and scarcity: STWST48x6
>> With MORE and LESS we ask relevant questions about /more-or-less/
>> situations, the non-equality areas, the counter-validity zones and
>> the non-zero-sum games of the future.
>> *MORE*
>> Against the background of screaming imbalances, distribution
>> struggles, scarcity of resources, ecological barriers, social
>> issues, questions of access, fears of the future, attempts at
>> redistribution, visions of self-restraint, precarious awareness,
>> egalitarianism, hyper-progress, network fantasies, total
>> surveillance, a scenery of the many against the few; the battle of
>> avant-garde, critical mass and centre-extremists. In front of all
>> these apparent and actual questions of more or less,we want to use
>> STWST48x6 MORE LESS to focus on processes and projects that make a
>> difference.
>> *LESS*
>> With processes and projects that make the difference, we want to
>> take a look at the zones of art, nature, information, movement and
>> sound. In doing so, we want to focus primarily on other networks,
>> aesthetic strategies, autonomous policies and alternative
>> metabolites that are driven by questions of more or less - and,
>> above all, driven by OTHER, as a general other way of thinking. We
>> are concerned with the individual and the many in larger systems
>> and we are concerned with rational and irrational approaches to
>> the all and nothing, in larger contexts of world, society and
>> cosmos. Nothing less, and vice versa, in all directions.
>> *SEND*
>> Stadtwerkstatt is looking for local and international artists and
>> critical producers of all fields, who can submit projects that are
>> still in the process of development, but also finished projects.
>> Submissions with a self-description, project description/project
>> concept on a maximum of 5 pages untill 10th May 2020 to
>> stwst48x6opencall@???
>> The selected works will be shown in Stadtwerkstatt at STWST48x6
>> MORE LESS - a 48-hour non-stop showcase extravaganza of STWST from
>> Sept. 11-13, held in cooperation with Ars Electronica.
>> Stadtwerkstatt: Linz/Austria
>> https://stwst.at [2] [2]
>> All 48-Hours-Nonstop-Showcase-Extravanganzas:
>> https://stwst48-all.stwst.at [3] [3]
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