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Author: Shu Lea Cheang
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] STWST48x6 MORE LESS open call

Dear Bricolabs

At this viral time, we at STWST call out for proposal submission, MORE
LESS...our 6 edition of 48 hour extravaganza taling place in september.

In shut down mode, take care.



11-13th Sept 2020

In the year 2020, STWST has developed the STWST48 theme for the
disproportionately tilted worlds or excess and scarcity: STWST48x6 MORE

With MORE and LESS we ask relevant questions about /more-or-less/
situations, the non-equality areas, the counter-validity zones and the
non-zero-sum games of the future.


Against the background of screaming imbalances, distribution struggles,
scarcity of resources, ecological barriers, social issues, questions of
access, fears of the future, attempts at redistribution, visions of
self-restraint, precarious awareness, egalitarianism, hyper-progress,
network fantasies, total surveillance, a scenery of the many against the
few; the battle of avant-garde, critical mass and centre-extremists. In
front of all these apparent and actual questions of more or less,we want
to use STWST48x6 MORE LESS to focus on processes and projects that make
a difference.


With processes and projects that make the difference, we want to take a
look at the zones of art, nature, information, movement and sound. In
doing so, we want to focus primarily on other networks, aesthetic
strategies, autonomous policies and alternative metabolites that are
driven by questions of more or less - and, above all, driven by OTHER,
as a general other way of thinking. We are concerned with the individual
and the many in larger systems and we are concerned with rational and
irrational approaches to the all and nothing, in larger contexts of
world, society and cosmos. Nothing less, and vice versa, in all directions.


Stadtwerkstatt is looking for local and international artists and
critical producers of all fields, who can submit projects that are still
in the process of development, but also finished projects.

Submissions with a self-description, project description/project concept
on a maximum of 5 pages untill 10th May 2020 to stwst48x6opencall@???

The selected works will be shown in Stadtwerkstatt at STWST48x6 MORE
LESS - a 48-hour non-stop showcase extravaganza of STWST from Sept.
11-13, held in cooperation with Ars Electronica.

Stadtwerkstatt: Linz/Austria


All 48-Hours-Nonstop-Showcase-Extravanganzas: https://stwst48-all.stwst.at