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Author: Ismael L. Donis Garcia
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Devuan meet Mar. 12, 2020 @20:30 UTC
Dr. González Ayala gave a talk to children. Here is the summary: The
Coronavirus infection does not cause a cold nose with a wet nose or a cough,
but a dry, harsh cough, this is the simplest to distinguish.
The virus does not resist heat and dies if it is exposed to temperatures
above 26-27 degrees, therefore hot drinks such as infusions, broths or
simply hot water should be consumed abundantly during the day, these hot
liquids neutralize the virus and are easy to ingest.
Avoid drinking ice water or drinks with ice (cubes) or snow for those who
are in the mountains (children). For whoever can, sunbathe.
The coronavirus has a large size (diameter of 400-500 nanometers) so any
chinstrap can stop it, no special chinstraps are necessary in daily life.
Different is the situation of doctors and sanitarians who are exposed to
heavy loads of the virus and must use special equipment
If an infected person sneezes in front of us; three meters away will make
the virus fall to the ground and prevent it from falling on us.
When the virus is found on metal surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours,
therefore when metal surfaces such as doors, appliances, transport
handrails, etc. are touched, hands should be thoroughly washed and
disinfected with alcoholic gel.
The virus can live nested in clothes and fabrics for 6 to 12 hours, common
detergents can kill it, items that cannot be washed daily are recommended to
be exposed to the sun and the virus will die.
As stated:
The virus first installs in the throat causing inflammation and a dry
feeling. This symptom can last between 3 and 4 days.
The virus travels through moisture present in the airways, descends into the
trachea, and settles in the lungs causing pneumonia that lasts for about 5
to 6 days.
Pneumonia manifests with high fever and difficulty in breathing. It is not
accompanied by the classic cold, but there may be a feeling of suffocation.
In this case, a doctor should be called immediately.
How can contagion be avoided?
The transmission of the virus usually occurs by direct contagion, touching
fabrics, tissues or materials on which the virus is present: Washing hands
is essential.
The virus survives in our hands for only about 10 minutes, but in that time
many things can happen, rubbing the eyes, touching the nose, - to give an
example - this allows the virus to enter your throat. Therefore, for our
good and the good of all, wash your hands often and disinfect them.
You can gargle with disinfecting solutions that eliminate or minimize the
amount of virus that can enter the throat, doing this it will eliminate
before it goes down to the trachea and then to the lungs.
Disinfect the PC keyboard and mouse. The steering wheel of the car
We must take good care of ourselves and others
The new NCP coronavirus may not show signs of infection for many days,
before which it is not possible to know if a person is infected. But when
the fever or cough manifests and you go to the hospital, the lungs are 50%
confibrosis, it is too late!
Taiwan experts suggest doing a simple check every morning:
Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If it is achieved,
without coughing, without difficulty and / or feeling of oppression, etc.,
this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of
infection. It is necessary in these critical times to do this control every
morning in an environment with clean air
These are serious and excellent advice from Japanese doctors who treat
COVID-19 in this way. We all must make sure that our mouth and throat are
always wet, never DRY, you should drink a sip of water at least every 15
minutes WHY? Even when the virus enters water or other liquids through the
mouth, they will pass through the esophagus directly to the stomach where
gastric acids destroy the virus, if you do not drink enough water regularly,
the virus can pass into the trachea and from there to the lungs, it's very
Share this information with family, friends and acquaintances for solidarity
and civic sense !!!

Best Regards
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> hi everyone, I tried to touch base but a bit too late I guess
> greetings from south Italy, where I'm stuck with the COVID-19 lockdown
> but all is well and family in good health. situation just shows
> preppers were right so chapeau to all of you out there.
> shout out to anyone who doesn't believe in this: take it seriously please
> if you read this list then you are important for the future of Devuan
> so do your best to survive plz :^)
> ciao!
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