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Author: Rick Moen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Terrible reporting / puff piece about systemd
Quoting Andrew McGlashan via Dng (dng@???):

> Horrid article that could have been written by pro-systemd Debian devs
> themselves.
> https://fossforce.com/2020/02/the-verdict-on-systemd-is-in/
> Throw your 2pence in, I have; not that I expect my post to actually
> remain or remain without a counter attack :(

Charging in public view (and without evidence) a reporter with having
been paid off -- check!

It must have been difficult to type that comment, with your foot
lodged so deeply in your mouth (rather difficult to see the screen;
touch-typing can get one only so far), but I commend your limbic

Anyhow, reading your comment (and that of the next commenter, 'systemd
refugee', who likewise made immediate resort to the ever-brilliant and
conclusive 'you were obviously paid off' argument, and one notes has yet
to learn how to spell the verb 'losing') was an experience rather like
watching the Suicide Squad in action near the end of _Life of Brian_:

Cheers,                     "Why doesn't anyone invite copyeditors to parties,
Rick Moen                   when we're such cool people out with whom to hang?"
rick@???                        -- @laureneoneal (Lauren O'Neal)
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