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Author: Andreas Messer
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] tomcat9 server package
Hello everybody,

currently the tomcat9 server package is not merged from Debian/buster
to Devuan/beowulf. Probably since it does not ship with sysv initscript
at all, it comes with systemd service file only

I have initiated a devuanized version of the package here:


were branch "master" currently contains the devuanized version and
branch "debian/master" the master branch from origin Debian package

Fortunately, the Debian package source for the buster version
still contains the sysv initscript and if the package is built
on Devuan it is in the .deb. (Probably some debhelper magic I'm
not yet aware of) However, in bullseye, the initscript has been
removed from the package source already.

I have tested the devuanized version here with the "airsonic"
.war application. As far as i can tell, it seem to work as
expected. I also briefly tested the tomcat9 integrated admin

You can checkout the repo and build the package with "debbuild"
locally if desired. (Warning: Takes roughly two hours due to
extensive testing during build)

What do you think? Would it make sense to have this version included
in beowulf? If so, it probably need to be integrated into the
build/packaging for beowulf. I'm not up to date with this process
in the current infra structure. I think, I have to release the version
to the "unstable" branch of the repo before and the repo needs to
be added to the buildserver somehow afterwards.

The latter would need support/work by someone who is involved
in maintaining the infra.


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