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Author: Erik Christiansen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Alternatives to synaptic?
On 09.01.20 17:44, Alessandro Vesely via Dng wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a recommended GUI package browser for Devuan?
> After migrating, synaptic isn't installed. If I try to install it, it says it
> needs policykit-1. Since the latter seems to be akin to systemd, I reply 'n'.
> Synaptic is convenient as it allows to search for keywords, e.g. "pdf", and
> choose a package that does the task at hand. Google does the same, but is not
> version specific.

For many years I have found "apt-cache search <sometext>", piped to more
or grep for further refining, eminently satisfactory. Yes, "pdf" is a
sufficiently vague query to elicit a surfeit of matches, but when I look
for e.g. "avr", the matchlist is very concise.

An apt-get update, followed by an apt-get install of the favoured match,
is about as straightforward as package installation can be, I figure.