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Author: Denis Roio
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Introducing apt-panopticon, my Devuan mirror checker script.

Happy New Year to everyone following the Gregorian calendar! :^)

old-thread, I'm feeling like chipping in

On Sat, 09 Nov 2019, onefang wrote:

> C and Lua, and even C + Lua, are my current favourite programming
> languages, along with some assembler when needed. I've been a
> professional programmer since the late '70s, and I have used 100
> programming languages in my career, so I consider myself to have
> earned the right to be a language bigot. B-)

I think you are just very experienced and then also wise. Being a
programmer since the late '90s I just come to the same conclusion. C
+ Lua is a mindblowing combination, esp. considering the portability:
people must keep in mind Lua is *embeddable* and very easy to do so.

Recently I've been coding this https://dev.zenroom.org which is all
C99+Lua and I am *very happy* with the result in terms of speed,
maintainability and portability.

Said that I admit that recent hypes are more interesting than before:
Rust, Golang, Vlang, Nim etc. have much bigger value propositions than
the previous generation Perl, Python and Ruby. I keep an eye since
they are bytecode compilable or even in case of Vlang compilable to C
(a very interesting approach).

But I doubt that anything can resist the test of time like C and as
well Lua because of the brilliant way it is designed and because of
the enormous battle-testing given by its adoption in WoW and also less
frivolous and more mission critical deployements.

There are also new C+Lua products incredibly performant: nginx-lua /
Openresty, the lua-lapis web framework (and moonscript lang wrapper)
and last not least tarantool which is a bit more complex but
incredibly handy and performant for large scale distributed

At last, many thanks for apt-panopticon. Looking at it after some
months now I think we could draw a line and let some mirrors go, those
that are evidently offline as well badly performing.