:: [devuan-dev] versioning: 2.1.1 ?
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Author: Denis Roio
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] versioning: 2.1.1 ?

dear devs,

today I stumbled on this message


roughly translates to:
Well, the timestamp of the official iso image file of devuan 2.1 ASCII
changed just the other day (December 21), and the checksum of SHA256
has changed, I wonder what happened. I want you to stop updating in
the same version, i want you to make it 2.1.1 if you update something
even if it is content compatible.

is this the case? anyone knows?

in case yes then it would be good to issue a notice in the README or
so, I agree that on official releases any minimum change should be
reflected in versioning.

thanks and happy festivities!